Sunday, April 18, 2021

Water Striders, Frog eggs and Tadpole

 Water Striders,
Frog eggs and Tadpole (Refer to Korean Ancestor sand Water Parsley)

I couldn't upload the video I shot on this day when I went to my ancestors' grave, so I'm posting it now.

It was generally sunny that day, but when I was resting in the shade of a large tree, I took a picture of a cloud passing by, which reminds me of Mickey Mouse.

And I thought it was a bit disgusting because there were so many frog eggs, but when I hatched from the eggs and saw the tadpole swimming, I took a video because it was cute and pretty.

The first character is a water strider(called these: pond skater, Jesus bug, water skipper).

After that, tadpoles and frog eggs appear.

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