Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Vine Plant, Clematis flower

Clematis flower:
Vine Plant, Large Flower

  • Flower language: nobility, beautiful heart

Maybe that's why? 

These clematis flowers are said to smell a clear and beautiful scent.

Clematis means vine plant in Greek, which, as its name suggests, continues to bloom a surprisingly large number of large flowers with stems extending to the side in a vine state.

It is also cultivated indoors for differentiation. It is said that the vine-shaped stem is thin and hard like a wire. So it is said that in the West it was used instead of rope long ago. Because I like to roll up something, I usually make a prop in the garden.

Clematis is a species that grows naturally in Korea, and when entering this community, the flower smells strong even though it is quite far away, but it is incomparable to the famous Chanel perfume. The natural scent seems to be the best.

Currently, clematis sold in flower shops are mostly improved horticultural species, and although the flowers are very large and colorful, they do not have a scent.

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