Sunday, April 11, 2021

Urban Forest, Moon and Shadow

 Moon and Shadow of Urban Forest

[Uam-dong Urban Forest Moon Lighting Photo Zone]

Please refer to this link for a view of the urban forest during the day. 👉

I came to the Uam-dong Urban Forest Moon Lighting Photo Zone at night.

Beyond the moonlight in the urban forest, that light in the Busan north port is pink.

I've gained weight, but my desire to fly feels slim.
Why don't you leave a picture with your friends, lovers, or family in front of the full moon photo zone in the city forest and make memories?
However, if you want to go to Uam-dong Urban Forest Moon Lighting Photo Zone, you need one more person to take pictures^^
Or you can prepare a tripod......

At night, Busan north port overlooking the city forest turned green.

This time, the Busan north port's lighting has changed to blue.^^

This was the evening view from the urban forest in Uam-dong.

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