Sunday, April 25, 2021

UN Flag Descending Ceremony & Our Hearts

United Nations Memorial Cemetery in Korea
[UN flag Descending Ceremony
at UN Memorial Park]

Today, around 4 o'clock, while walking in the United Nations Memorial Park, I heard the sound of reverent music echoing loudly in my ears, and at the same time saw the UN flag descending ceremony.

Military Soldiers are holding the UN flag descending ceremony in the symbolic area of the UN Memorial Park.

Thinking of the noble sacrifice for peace today, I hoped that the world of peace would arrive soon.

At the bottom is a memorial poem with our hearts by Sister Lee Haein, who expressed the noble love of the UN soldiers who gave their lives for peace.

We engrave your names with love on our hearts.
We engrave your names in our country with gratitude.
- Sister Lee Haein

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