Thursday, April 8, 2021

"Minari" Water Parsley

Water Parsley
"Minari" in Korean
(Best Supporting Actress-Movie Winner)

Today, I would like to introduce a movie that describes the lives of 
a Korean-American immigrants in the 1980s based on Korean sentiment.

On March 15, 2021, director Jeong Isak's film “Minari” was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture and six categories for Director, Supporting Actress, Leading Actor, Screenplay, and Music. Yoon Yeo-jung was the first Korean actor to be nominated for an Academy Award. From the left in the front row, actors Yoon Yeo-jung, Han Ye-ri, Stephen Yeon, director Jeong Isaac, actors Noel Kate Jo, and Alan Kim. This photo was taken for the promotion of the Sundance Film Festival.

A Wonderful Story of a Korean Family  "Minari" 

"Minari grows well anywhere." 

A Korean family left for Arkansas, an unfamiliar United States.

Dad 'Jacob' (Steven Yeon), who wants to show his family something he can do,

He begins to grow his own farm, and his mother 'Monica' (Han Ye-ri) also finds a job again.

For the children who are still young, “Monica”’s mother “Soonja” (Yoon Yeo-jeong) will live together.
[🏆Yoon Yeo-jeong: Awarded the American Actor's Union Award on April 4, 2021

Her grandmother arrives with a bag full of red pepper powder, anchovies, herbal medicine, and parsley seeds.

The eldest daughter'Ann' (Noel Kate Jo) and the youngest naughty son'David' (Alan Kim). They are not comfortable with their grandmother who is not like any other Grandma ......

If they are together, with the hope that they can start anew

Living with roots day by day

A family's very special journey begins!

Director Isak Jeong introduced this film "Minari" as "a story of a family trying to learn the language of the heart."

Next time, I will post a picture of the water parsley(Minari in Korean) that I took in Korea.

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