Monday, April 19, 2021

Maemi Castle or Fortress?

Maemi Castle or Maemi Fortress
that was Built by Baek Soon-sam
Since Super Typhoon Maemi
in 2003 

The location of Maemi fortress is Bokhang-gil, Jangmok-myeon, Geoje city, Gyeongsangnam-do.

This castle was built due to “2003 Typhoon No. 14 Maemi”,,,,,,

Geoje City Maemi Castle is a wall built alone on a millennium rock for a long time by Baek Soon-sam, a citizen who lost his arable land to Typhoon Maemi in 2003 to protect crops from natural disasters. The repetition of stacking square stones near the seaside and filling them with cement has now become a castle reminiscent of the medieval era in Europe. The scale or design is so wonderful that It's unbelievably great that it was built without a single design plan.

Jangmok-myeon, Geoje city

At this point, I think the word the fortress is more accurate than the castle.

Super Typhoon Maemi or because it is a wall built to protect crops from natural disasters, I think that the word a fortress would be more accurate than a castle if a wall was built to protect something.

And Maemi Castle is still being built.

During Work~🔺
Don't talk to me 😊
Please give me a note if you need anything
- Owner of Maemi Castle -

It is a strong and sturdy Maemi Castle that I can't believe that Mr. Soon Sam Back built it alone. 👍

And the pictures below👇 are pictures of the seascape taken from the Maemi Castle.

From Geoje city Maemi Castle, you can see a lot of mongdol along with the sea landscape in front of it.

When you leave Maemi Castle, put it in the Mongdol collection box. Can you see the Mongdol collection box below? 👀

Entrance of Maemi Castle

Do Not Pick Pebbles. 
Return the Mongdol(Korean name of Pebbles) to the Maemi Castle, please.

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