Friday, April 9, 2021

Korean Ancestral Graves and Minari

 Korean Ancestors
and Water Parsley

Yesterday I went to my ancestors’ graves with my brothers and sisters.

In Korea, there are many thoughts that if people take good care of their ancestors' graves, all their descendants will be well.

So we went to the countryside because the lawn was abundant and in order that the ancestors' graves keep the neatness of the ancestors' graves neatly. 

The weeds could not grow in the summer the weed roots that were buried deep before the grasses grew in the summer were pluck out weeds in advance and scatter weedkiller to cover the sand.

There was a stream beneath the ancestors’ graves, and Minari were growing.

Water parsley grows well wherever there is water.

So people also do hydroponics method  a lot.

Water parsley in a glass or glass bottle is sometimes grown at home to see greenery for ornamental purposes. 

We post photos and videos of Minari taken yesterday.

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