Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Flowers of Trifoliate Orange Tree

Flowers and Buds of
Trifoliate Orange Tree

It was a scene where the buds and flowers of the trifoliate orange trees, which had raindrops due to spring rain, went well together.

The flowers of the trifoliate orange tree bloom white in April and May and have a scent. Fruits of Poncirus trifoliata(trifoliate orange tree) are round, ripen yellow in autumn, and have an aroma. They are usually small in size, there are also very large hardly that are about the size of a ping pong ball.

The trifoliate orange tree has many thorns, branches are split into several branches, and yellow fruits with a strong scent ripening in autumn are opened.

When I was young, I was hiding behind a fence of trifoliata trees and playing hide-and-seek.

I also remember that my house was fenced with a trifoliate orange tree, and the trifoliata fruit I ate when I was a child was very very sour and had a lot of seeds inside.

There must have been all happy moments for everyone.

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When I was young, my family used these trifoliata thorns instead of toothpicks.

You can see the thorns of the trifoliolate orange tree better.

A Trifoliate Orange Tree Bud

A Trifoliate Orange Tree Flower

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