Sunday, April 25, 2021

A Place that Implies Sanctity


Daunt Waterway
in UN Memorial Cemetery in Korea

The waterway is named in honor of JP Daunt, an Australian soldier who tell at the age of 17 on 6 November 1951. He is the youngest fallen resting at the UNMCK.

A place that implies sanctity: Daunt Waterway

The aqueduct is named after Australian soldier J.P. Daunt, the youngest 17-year-old to be buried in a U.N. memorial park, which implies the sacredness of the boundary between life (green areas) and death (cemeteries). The waterway is 0.7 m wide and 110 m long, and many fish live in the clean water of the Daunt Waterway.

These photos below show we are looking in the direction of the graveyard
from Daunt Waterway.

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