Monday, April 12, 2021

A Mountain Bird & A Unique Branch

A Mountain Bird and
A Unique Branch
in the Forest

It's really small when you actually see it, but when we zoom in and take a video, this little bird looks big.

I think I've seen this bird a lot on TV, but,,,, I don't know what the name of the bird is

Shall we go see a cute little bird the size of a leaf?

A completely different branch from a tree

The branches of this tree were really peculiar.
It would certainly be the same if it had stretched out from the main body of the tree, but it seems that only this branch has been grafted.

I have seen many trees in nature, but I have never seen such a unique tree.
So I share it.

The body of the tree is one, but it is a branch that is completely different from other branches.
At first, I looked closely to see if it was glued^.^:;

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