Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Young Raspberry Trees in the Mt.

 Young Raspberry Trees
in the Mountain of Spring

I only took pictures of raspberry trees and collected them.

I remember picking raspberries from the mountains last year, so I only took photos of them from young raspberry trees.

In a few months, these raspberry trees will bloom and bear raspberry fruit, right?

There are pine cones, pine needles, branches, stones, webs, and cherry blossom petals around young raspberry trees.

However, when raspberries are young, they are placed in various environments and go through each growth process before they are fully grown. 

And as they grow, they eventually bear a lot of fruit called 'raspberries' in each house.

In the end, I think the seed is important.

If the seed is a seed of a snake strawberry, then the strawberry tree will surely produce a snake strawberry.

It was a day when I thought that the surrounding environment was not very important and that the seeds were really important.

'Snake Strawberry', which means strawberry that you can't eat, is a Korean translation.

The English translation is mock strawberry.

Then I will take a picture of the raspberry and upload it again when it is formed.

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