Monday, March 22, 2021

Trees Containing Spring Rain

Trees Containing Spring Rain

Continuing from yesterday, I'm posting pictures of my climbing up the misty mountain last week on a rainy Saturday, organized by theme.

This time, it will post under the theme of 'Trees with Spring Rain'.

This picture shows a mountain path taken at the departure the mountain on a foggy Saturday with spring rain.

Raindrops seem to be practicing hanging from the bars of branches for a long time^^

In this photo, the branches in the spring rain are clearly visible.

In this photo, the background is clearly visible behind the branches in the spring rain.

The branches are clearly visible in this photo.

In this photo, the background behind the branches is clearly visible.

This raindrops in this picture look like pupil of the eye^^

This picture shows a single drop of rain hanging like a fruit.

The video was taken by pressing the wrong button^.^:;

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