Saturday, March 6, 2021

Korean Poem: "Azalea Flowers" Kim So-wol


Korean Poem

"Azalea Flowers"

Kim So-wol 

March 6 2021 Cloudy

It was so cloudy that I thought it would rain, but I went up the mountain.

I took a picture of azalea flowers on my way up the mountain today.

Among the pictures, a large ant is hiding in an azalea petal.

Look for it ^^

Today, I introduce Kim So-wol's poem about azalea flowers that come to mind whenever I see azalea flowers in spring.

Kim So-wol's azalea flower is one of the most famous poems for Koreans.

 Azalea Flowers -Kim So-wol.
This poem gives a glimpse into the heart of a Korean poet who is about to say goodbye.
How do you feel when you say goodbye?
How are your emotions?

Azalea Flowers

Kim So-wol 

If you go because it's disgusting to see me

I'll let you go without a word.

Yak Mountain in Yongbyon

Azalea flower

I'll take an armful of azalea flowers 

and spray them on your way.

Every step you take

The flower that was placed

Lightly step on it and go away

If you go because it's disgusting to see me

Even if I die, no tears will shed

※ How to use azalea flowers

Azalea petals are useful plants for Koreans.

Azalea is the representative flower tree of Korea, and it often appears as a story in poems and songs of many people. In the private sector, people pick petals and eat them by making hwajeon or making alcohol. It is also called a 100-day week because it is properly cooked after 100 days of dipping 100 days after being soaked. In oriental medicine, azalea flowers are used as a medicine to treat blood pressure drops, fish blood, and vomit.

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