Monday, March 29, 2021

Korean mugwort(Wormwood)

Mugwort(Wormwood) seen
in the mountains and fields of Korea

On weekends, I always go up the mountain.
These are pictures of mugwort taken in the mountains this weekend.
In Korea, it is common to see women gather wormwood from mountains and fields in spring.

Since I live in Korea, I wonder if you can see mugwort in other countries around the world when you go to mountains or fields in spring.

  • About Wormwood(Mugwort) 

Wormwood is multiplied with garlic and carrots as the three major plants that prevent adult diseases.
Mugwort is eaten mainly in spring, but it is said that winter field cultivation is also conducted in the south of the central region, where the temperature is relatively high.
It has a variety of nutrients and a unique fragrance, so it is said that it can be used in a variety of ways, either alone or in combination with other ingredients, such as salads, tossed, soup, jeon, top jeolli, rice cakes, rice, pasta and noodles.

  • Efficacy of wormwood

Wormwood, which is warm in nature, is good for the gut and promotes the secretion of digestive juices. Rich in vitamin C and chlorophyll, it is good for preventing colds and good for various respiratory and allergic diseases. In addition, it is said to be effective for diet because it helps metabolize fat.

Today, it would be nice if you dig mugwort, which is good for your body, and boil Wormwood soup for dinner.

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