Sunday, March 21, 2021

Diligent Bees & Rain-Soaked Azalea Video

The Diligent Bees and the Rain Soaked Azalea 

I went to the mountain and took a lot of pictures on a foggy rainy day last Saturday.

So today, I will upload a few by topic.

First, it is posted under the title of 'The Diligent Bees'.

In spite of the rainy days, I post bees working diligently flying over the azalea flowers without a break and the rain-soaked azalea flowers.

Video of rain-soaked azaleas and diligent bees in the mountains


  1. Such beautiful photos - thank you, I felt peace observing them.

    1. Oh, thank you.
      I also hope that the world of peace will come soon.