Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Beacon Fire Station in Busan

Hwangryeong Mountain
Bongsudae(Beacon Fire Station)

Among the provinces of Korea, especially Busan, is a place where Japanese invasions have frequently occurred. 
So, during the year of King Sejong(the Joseon Dynasty), Bongsudae, Beacon Fire Station was installed or maintained on a large scale, and in this process, Hwangnyeongsan Bongsudae was installed.

And the picture below is from a Beacon that looks down through the fence installed in a Beacon Fire Station fence where spring rain has fallen.

Due to the fog, I couldn't see a long distance, but I can see all the downtown of Busan far away on a day when rain is not falling.
Next time, I will take a picture of a clear-weather Beacon Fire Station and post it.