Saturday, February 27, 2021

Feb 28 2021 Plum Flowers

February 28, 2021
Flowers that signal spring (Plum Blossom part)

The plum blossoms that I've taken pictures of today are standing on the threshold of spring, plum blossoms aren't in full bloom yet, but they are bursting with the warmth of spring.

Plumtree is a deciduous tree attached to the Rosaceae family. 

The height is about 4~5m, the leaves are oval, alternately, and there are fine serrations on the edge. 

In early spring, white and pink flowers bloom before the leaves, but the scent is good. 

The green fruits ripen yellow in July, and this is called plum. 

Either eat plums after they are ripe or pick them before they are cooked and soak in alcohol(called plum wine)

It is native to China and grows well in the south-central region of our country.