Monday, November 9, 2020

Korean Poem 'Cloud' Kim So-wol


 Cloud and 

Peace and 

Peace Advocate

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Below are pictures of clouds taken for a week.

I've collected them.

I thought while looking at the clouds.

The path of peace is a little long because of the coronavirus.

But those who continue to advance for peace despite the coronavirus, etc. ......

Seeing the clouds appearing in various forms, I think the way we approach peace may all be different, but the heart that loves peace is the same.

I felt that the sky seemed to blaspheme peace through the shapes of clouds (-.-:;)


Korean poem 


Kim So-wol (1902~1934)

Korean literature representing the 1920s,
Kim So-wol, a pronoun of modern Korean poets.
He is a national poet who hugged the wounds
of the people during the Japanese colonial era.

If I catch and ride that cloud over there,

The red, blood-stained cloud.

At night, that dark cloud.....

Catch and ride, and my body fly that far away.

Fly and cross far high and far in the sky

I tried to be held in your sleeping arms.

But, don't do that. I can't do that.

You,  hear, that cloud becomes rain.

It becomes rain and falls on you

Think my tears in the evening and night.

I ask for your understanding 
because my English is not good 
the translation is not smooth.

There is one person who is not too much to say that he is the main character of this poem(Korean Poem 'Cloud').

And seeing the clouds over that sky, I think of the peace and peace advocate
(HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee).

He bowed to the people twice over the COVID-19 incident and cooperated as much as possible in the defense of the Korean government, but has not let go of the lion of innocent peace by tying it up with one thing or another.

The dark clouds of Korea's judicial organs cover the clear blue sky of peace.

But soon the clear and blue sky will appear.

Oh, my neck hurts a little (ㅠ.ㅠ)

I looked up too high in the sky to see the clouds...^.^:;

Now I'll show you the clear blue sky that I took today.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

2020 Peace Program Realization

2020 Realization of Program of Peace


Realization of the DPCW: Spreading a Culture of Peace with Peace Messengers around the World 

2020 has been a difficult year for the world and HWPL. A global pandemic has posed threats to our daily lives, and we are placed in situations where changes in our way of life are inevitable in order to get through the difficulties. At times like this, sympathy and solidarity are needed more than ever to overcome the current crisis, but HWPL is instead facing hatred and stigma in Korea due to COVID-19 and is struggling to protect its charter. 

Nevertheless, no wars or diseases could stop humanity from aspiring for prosperity and better lives over the history. The present difficulties came upon us all too suddenly and threw everyone into confusion, but at the same time, we are reminded of the value of peace and safety, why efforts such as the peace activities of HWPL are needed, what has been done, and what can be done from now. If we turn this crisis into opportunity and seek ways to let more people in the world know
the importance of peace, we will be able to uphold the noble value of "the achievement of global peace." 

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Post-COVID, a New Policy Proposal to Boost HWPL Peace program

Who: HWPL members and global citizens who are interested in peace activities

When: November 1 – December 10, 2020

How to Participate: Fill out the form attached at the bottom of the page and send it to*contact-free method)

Realization of the DPCW:
Spreading a Culture of Peace with Peace Messengers around the World

■ Information about Policy Proposals for 2021 
ㆍTheme: Post-COVID, a New Policy Proposal to Boost HWPL Peace Program 
                  - Keywords: COVID-19, post-COVID, contact-free peace activities 
                  - Part1 : Ways to boost the three key initiatives of HWPL
                     (implementation of the DPCW, WARP Office, and peace education)
                  - Part2 : Activities that can realize the DPCW and spread a culture of peace (ex. volunteer work, humanitarian activities, etc) 
ㆍWhen: November 1 – December 10, 2020 
ㆍWho: HWPL members and global citizens who are interested in peace activities 
ㆍDocument for Submission: 1 copy of Proposal  

■ How to Participate 
ㆍFill out the form attached at the bottom of the page and send it to (*contact-free method) 

■ Cases of Cooperation (
Go in with the link in parentheses for cooperative cases~*

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Evening Cloud

Clouds of Night (Evening) 

This cloud picture was taken at the Busan Cultural Center last night.

These days, I keep looking at the autumn sky because it's autumn.

Following the whale cloud photo posted a few days ago, today I recall the night cloud of the 1946 Nobel Prize-winner Herman Hesse's work "Evening Clouds" and move it behind the clouds I took.

Evening Clouds

Hermann Hesse

I have narrow doors on the eastern wall of the living room and study that lead to the balcony, which is open from May to September quite deep, and a very small stone balcony hanging in front of it, one step wide and half a step deep. This balcony belongs to me. Because of this balcony, I decided to sit here a few years ago, and......

I learned these tricks from the evening cloud. In the evening, whenever I sit on such a small balcony in my time, I'm always with the clouds. My house, like a nest, which sits high, is looking in the middle of the clouds. In the rough and fierce bad weather peculiar to the city of rain, and to this region, clouds enter the room, catch on the grating railings of the balcony, and crawl into the shoes. Outside, clouds wriggle and run into a drenched blue valley that glows brightly whenever lightning strikes, and then soar to the height of the suckling pale sky.

 Once upon a time, when I was young, I had a reverent and solemn attitude toward clouds. At this time of age, I don't love clouds less, but I don't think as seriously as I used to. Clouds are children. Parents think seriously about their children, but only their parents do, not others. Even grandparents don't take their children seriously. As much as they don't take themselves seriously. Yes. They are old people who are already busy making themselves children again. 

 Passion is a wonderful thing. And sometimes it suits young people wonderfully well. But what fits older people better is humor and laughter. It seems perfect to take things seriously, transform the world into a metaphor, and look at things quietly, as if they are the amusement of a fleeting evening cloud. 

 But let's not forget the subject I'm holding the brush - the clouds were really great last night when the rainy season was blocked and damp and clear and sunny. The long layers of clouds that had been lying across the sky until just now were massed and hung low, and then slowly rolled over in the strong wind, then everyone was twisted together and gradually became the figure of a smoker who was working alone. Then again, if the whole sky had not been covered in green and blue, it would have been the tissue of ribbons and cushions, slowly wriggling and slowly growing body and density - and in less than a minute now, suddenly it was empty and clear like a flash. And the clouds are all small and insignificant, and they are crushed by the horizon. The upper part was white and golden, and the ship was drawn to the blue, so it looked like a flying ship or a whale, making it all solid in three dimensions.

 At this very moment, when the rosy and golden colors left the jewel-like mountain peak, the earth all lost its light and was shining for a moment, with only the light still in the sky. The cloud ships were still slightly red and copper brown in their cold colors, as they were apparently anchored just above the ridge of the horse racing dance despite the strong wind. To recognize the ever-changing clouds at that time, I had to keep an eye on them, even though they were under the wind. For while the clouds were hard and slow, seemingly immovable, their forms had been flowing from inside to outside or from inside.

 Clouds pretended to be devout on the surface but did all the jokes they did after work. It's like a boy who's stuck to the wall of the school, and when he passes by, he takes off his hat and says hello, but he runs away without a chance to look back, like a boy who can't see, but can only hear loud laughter coming from beyond the fence.

 In the meantime, one of the long clouds swam up the other, floating rose in the green sky alone, and then suddenly flaming into the bright red of the top, becoming a very pretty shape of meat. A huge goldfish that glowed was swimming in a bluish little fin. My goldfish had no more time to live, for it was the last time the light was fading away in the face of death with a smile and joy. Already on the tail side, the brown was getting heavier, the belly was getting more blue, and already that bright red and gold were burning only at the top edge of the back.

Then the goldfish curled its tail like lightning and inflated its head and became very round. Then, while the light was fading and the last golden color was lost, the goldfish clung together and became a ball of gold and shot out two bale strips of grey clouds as if they were about to spout out their souls. 

and spewing and spewing, and fluttering, and falling out in the thinning veil.

I've never seen such an interesting kind of suicide yet. When the fish was lumped together, it spewed out its soul, its own substance, into its mouth, its gills, and its pores, and it blew itself out into the non-real world and disappeared. 

Early on, when I lived down there, in the world, and took myself seriously, I had experienced many things, and I had seen many things together that were hard to understand and bear. But I have never seen anything so faint in the conduct of a fish, or something so mixed with baby's playfulness, in any man, nation, or parliament. But when I thought my pictures were serious, I didn't see them in the world out there. 

The goldfish has gone.

And my joy for today's minute is gone. Inside, there was a very beautiful and good book waiting for me, but I just want to swim with my goldfish for another hour.