Sunday, July 12, 2020

'Raspberry ' Korea Children's Song

Korean Children's Song 
in Korean

I went up to the mountain yesterday and saw a lot of raspberries.~

Can we pick and eat a lot of raspberries while climbing mountains in other countries?

Especially Busan has a lot of mountains in Korea.

So I went to nearby Mt. Hwangnyeong.

I ate raspberries and took pictures of them.

Well, it reminds me of a Korean children's song about raspberries.

And I'll upload pictures taken in the mountains.

Video ▲ "Raspberry" Korean children's song in Korean 

1. Ripe raspberries hiding behind the leaves
He saw a traveler passing by.
He hesitated whether to get it or not, but he's just leaving. ~ 

2. A raspberry secretly ripened behind a leaf.
That cute, covetous raspberry.  
He just just can't take it. He's just leaving. ~ 
(=He is by no means to take it.)

1. 잎새 뒤에 숨어 숨어 익은 산딸기 
지나가던 나그네가 보았습니다 
딸까 말까 망설이다 그냥 갑니다 

2. 잎새 뒤에 몰래몰래 익은 산딸기 
귀엽고도 탐스러운 그 산딸기를 
차마 차마 못 따가고 그냥 갑니다

I really like Korean children's songs about how I can express 
the expression of raspberries so vividly.

I can hardly express myself in English.

I can't translate "Chama Chama" into English.

Unfortunately, I translated Chama into just.

Is there anyone who can translate 'chama' closer to the meaning of Korean?

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