Sunday, July 19, 2020

Climb Mt. Hwangnyeong

Climb Mount Hwangnyeong.....

Following last week, I went to Mt. Hwangryeong today.

Today, I will post a picture of Busan looking down.

Shall we go up to Hwangnyeong Mountain together?

Flowers are blooming here and there~ 💮

Here and there

As I came up watching the flowers.......

I'm tired.
I'm almost there(Mt. Hwangryeong).


A port city of Busan, Look down from Mt. Hwangnyeng 

On the right, you can see Gwangan Bridge, a Landmark of Busan.

I am going down now.

Now, as you go down the mountain together, and go to your own house while looking at flowers blooming in Hwangnyeong Mountain^.^)

Even these beautiful flowers, when war breaks out,,,,,,
What will happen to these beautiful flowers if war breaks out?

Have a great day every day in Peace ~~~~~~~~

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