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Peace and Unity brought by DPCW

“A Day of Marching Toward Peace,”
 [The Peace and Unity brought by DPCW]

80 Students Dressed in Many National Outfits 
Parade for Peace and the DPCW in the Philippines

The Theme of HWPL is the Peace and Unity Brought by DPCW.

The Philippines has a history of many conflicts and wars, which connects with the local’s consistent enthusiasm for peace showcased in a series of HWPL peace movements. 25 October, another peace event was held with some 200 students and their families at Bethel Knox School. The event offered participants a chance to think about peace-related values and taste Korean culture.

To celebrate United Nations Day, 24 October, students of Bethel Knox paraded in a variety of costumes representing different cultures and nations. Paraders dressed in respective national dresses marched and chanted, “Spread the culture of peace,” the title of the 10th article of the DPCW, stirring air of hope amongst the audience for a world united with peace.

The DPCW (Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War) has 38 clauses, which again form 10 articles, including articles like “Prohibition of the Threat or Use of Force” and “Friendly Relations and the Prohibition of Acts of Aggression.” The Declaration is repeatedly recognized as some of the most effective instruments which could realize what the United Nations stands for — peace and the cessation of wars.

Sarah Garduque, the principal of the school who planned the event, said, “The event had a lot of preparations to make, especially in planning the concept.” But one thing came first to her mind — the theme of HWPL is the Peace and Unity brought by DPCW. It turned out to be “a great idea,” she remarked.

After the parade, students presented dance performances to celebrate “a day of marching toward peace,” followed by a multicultural feast with international cuisines including a boodle fight, a traditional Filipino meal.

Bethel Knox students recently started taking the HWPL Peace Education program, and their faces gleamed with excitement and anticipation for a future of peace throughout the event. Bethel Knox is offering the HWPL Peace Education program to inspire students with the spirit of peace and nurture future peace activists. Peace Education is set to serve as a building block to bring people of diverse ethnicities and cultures together to call for peace. Students who finish the Peace Education courses will become the beacon of a brighter and more peaceful future.

HWPL Peace Education, Peace Puppetry in Hong Kong

HWPL Peace Education:
"The Peace Puppetry Workshop"

HWPL Peace Education: "the Peace Puppetry"
Once upon a time theree was an old man called former Rael.
He owned a beautiful farm in the country.
The farmer kept chickens cows, horsed pigs, sheep and a donkey called Zac.
He loved the animals and they loved him too.... the peace cow,,,,.

On October 20th, the Peace Puppetry Workshop was hosted by St. Barnabas Society and Home in Hong Kong, where the conflict on freedom and human rights is becoming more intense. Twenty-nine people attended the event, including children, the founder of Koolamundo, and a University of Hong Kong graduate student, who was a project volunteer.

In a society where competition is becoming fiercer and ties are becoming weaker, the children, who are the future leaders of Hong Kong, learned about humanitarian values such as peace, love, communication, and humility through animal puppets. The children were able to learn the importance of diversity through hands-on experience, instead of theory-based desk work.

HWPL’s peace education: the children learned about respecting diversity
and peace through the Peace Puppetry Workshop

They also created different sentences using peace-related vocabulary such as, “the word ‘peace’ is like a friend who we can understand and love.” The children said that they learned how to understand and love each other through the values of peace and humility contained in the story.

Mengxia Gao, a University of Hong Kong graduate student who was in charge of the play, said she was impressed by the event and that it was a wonderful opportunity for children to learn about peace while playing. Kimberley Kleczka, the founder of Koolamundo, mentioned that “The play was meaningful since it helps to understand the moral instructions behind the story.”

Just like how the children learned about respecting diversity and peace through the Peace Puppetry Workshop, HWPL’s peace education aims to instill a value system focused around peace so students can have the correct understanding of peace and take the lead in spreading a culture of peace.

HWPL’s peace education aims to instill a value system focused around peace so students can have
 the correct understanding of peace and take the lead in spreading a culture of peace.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Peace Education, Various Sides

group discussions on peace(down) 
and mind map on peace(up)
Various sides of Peace Education
[Romania School]

Romania School Teaches HWPL Peace Education 

Education shapes a person’s heart and mind… The wind of peace education blows throughout Romania” 

💗        💖        💗

On December 5th, Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Bernady Gyorgy and Liceul Technologic Gheorghe Sincai, two schools located in the city of Târgu Mureș, each held HWPL Peace Education cultural exchange programs for their students. 

For this Peace Education’s curriculum, focused primarily on Europe, it strived to raise the students’ awareness of peace and helped them find various activities that students could carry out for the work of peace. 

On December 5th, Liceul Technologic Gheorghe Sincai 

On November 28th and 29th, Peace Education was taught at Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg, which is located in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. During the ‘Feelings of Peace’ program, students presented their thoughts about peace and learned how to understand others. They also took the time to comprehend the conflict and pain experienced in nearby regions, such as Ukraine, and discussed the students’ roles as citizens of peace. 

Ms. Stefania Voicu, the principal of Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg who also sat in on the program stated, “It was a good experience for children to learn about new cultures and what is happening in the world, and that it was a good lesson to learn about the value of peace.” 

Romania School Teaches HWPL Peace Education
Mind map on peace group and Discussions on peace
On November 29th, Scoala Generala #195 Hamburg, group discussions on peace, mindmap on peace

Ms. Diana Pitea, a teacher at Scoala Gimnaziala Dr. Bernady Gyorgy, stated, “The class was really great. Everything was great including the use of pictures from different cultures during the class and the translation. The children were sad that the class was only for an hour.” (^⌣^*)

Both of these schools that participated in the Peace Education program, signed an MOU with HWPL and plan on routinely carrying out more HWPL Peace Education programs in the future.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Answer to Achieve Peace, HWPL Peace Education

The Answer to Achieve Peace☛ HWPL's Peace Education 

Four Pillars of CMS Education
City Montessori School(CMS) is Potentially the Light of the World

HWPL’s Heavenly Culture Held in India
“Flower of Peace Gathers the Hearts of Leaders from Legal and Religious Circles”

In 2014, Dr. Bharti Gandhi attended the HWPL World Peace Summit and signed the World Alliance of Religions Agreement as a representative Bahaism. Since then, she has been actively working and cooperating with HWPL.

On the 16th World Peace Tour, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee attended the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World held in the City Montessori School of India, a school ran by Dr. Bharti Gandhi and her husband, Dr. Jagdish Gandhi. Chairman Lee has been maintaining a close relationship with them for peace.

In 2018, the City Montessori School signed an MOU with HWPL for Peace Education, and they began to implement HWPL’s Peace Education which marked the beginning of a new phase in their peace work.

World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Office

In August this year, about 4,000 students from the City Montessori School organized the Legislate Peace project which supports the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), and many HWPL members were in attendance. The City Montessori School asked HWPL to teach them how to embody the spirit of peace culture and cultural performances; afterward, the school’s staff visited South Korea and learned about the cultural performances of the World Peace Summit.

The 20th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World was held in the City Montessori School from November 6 to 12. The City Montessori School learned how to organize a World Peace Summit parade and held a cultural performance of peace. Greatly impressed and inspired by the performance, chief justices and political leaders were introduced to HWPL and the DPCW, and they promised to take part in HWPL’s peace movement. The culture of peace, which gathered the hearts of distinguished leaders around the world as one, proved that it is the answer to achieve peace. 

Also, on November 11, HWPL Religious Peace and Harmony was held and brought harmony among religious leaders in India. At this event, religious leaders of Buddhism, Hinduism, the Catholic Church, Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, and Bahaism from Lucknow attended and discussed the issue of peace and harmony among religions. Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, the Founder of the City Montessori School, notably emphasized that all religions are one. The presider was Mr. Manu Singh, the Chairman of Sarva Dharma Samvaad, and religious leaders from each religious group signed the World Alliance of Religions Agreement.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Man Hee Lee, 2020 Peace Message

Mr. Man Hee Lee is Chairman of  
Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light 

HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman
-Seoul, South Korea, January 5, 2020-

A hopeful, New Year 2020 has come.

With all sincerity, I wish all family of peace a Happy New Year filled with hopes and blessings.

Over the past year, we have accomplished together more than any other year for the realisation of peace  and harmony.

These outcomes would not have been possible without your dedication and hard work for the global community and future generations despite the difficult circumstances.

Once again, I humbly thank everyone for working together.

Doubled efforts

HWPL will do its utmost to make 2020 a year of great leaps toward peace.

The ten articles and 38 clauses of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), a solution for peace, are awaiting submission to the UN General Assembly, to realise a peaceful world without war through international law, please become a messenger of peace, transcending nationality, ideology, and religion. 

Please introduce the DPCW and urge support for it. With its family of peace, HWPL is creating an eternal legacy of peace and cessation of war for generations to come.

The year 2020 will be a year that goes down in history.

Our wishes and efforts for the global community and future generations will become a great light that shines on the whole world.

Forward as a family

The waves of peace will cover the world, and the culture of peace that we have planted will blossom and yield great fruits.

At the news of such peace, all creation and even the nature will rejoice and dance.

HWPL’s peace messengers and I myself will run at the forefront.

I ask for your support and cooperation in the work of peace. With one heart and one mind, let us make 2020 a year of taking a quantum leap toward peace. We are one!

Man Hee Lee is Chairman, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) based in Seoul, South Korea. The above (slightly edited version) was sent to Indian Newslink Editor as a personal message but since it carries a universal message of harmony, we believe this deserves wider coverage.

Source of "Mr. Man Hee Lee, 2020 Peace Message"▶▶▶