Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Measure of Peace, DPCW

📐A Measure of peace📏, DPCW Article 10

80 students make a colorful march

What comes to your mind when you think about your school days?
What did you do?
I think all I did was eating, studying and playing with my friends.

Let's take a look at what these 80 students have done.

DPCW Article 10: Spreading the Culture of Peace.
Peace Education "about DPCW article 10: Spreading the Culture of Peace

To celebrate United Nations Day, 24, October, students of Bethel Knox paraded in a variety of costumes representing different cultures and nations. Paraders dressed in respective national dresses marched and chanted, "Spread the culture of peace," the title of the 10th article of the DPCW, stirring air of hope amongst the audience for a world united with peace.

There is a reason why this is more meaningful. The Philippines has a history of many conflicts and wars. So people have a longing for peace in their hears. These are expressed in children's pure behavior. What happens when these kids grow up? Will the world change?

Philippines is changing ~💓
This 360° virtual reality video follows the experiences of two Filipinos living in Upper Campo Islam, Mindanao, a region in the Philippines affected by decades -old conflict now looking to rebuild. Through their memories, hopes and fears, we learn the past, present and future price of conflict.

Bethel Knox students recently started taking the HWPL Peace Education program, and their faces gleamed with excitement and anticipation for a future of peace throughout the event. Bethel Knox is offering the HWPL Peace Education program to inspire student with the spirit of peace and nurture future peace activists.

Peace Education is set to serve as a building block to bring people of diverse ethnicities and culture together to call for peace. Students who finish the Peace Education courses will become of a brighter and more peaceful future.

After the parade, students presented dance performances to celebrate "a day of marching toward peace," followed by a multicultural feast with international cuisines including a boodle fight, a traditional Filipino meal.

I hope that this will serve as an opportunity to think about what we can do about peace. Supporting DPCW is one way.