Saturday, September 21, 2019

HWPL True Peace Story, This Book is Not...

This book of HWPL peace is no one can imitate.
A big two thumbs up, this book, for dynamic world peace.
-About the true Story of HWPL, peace and cessation of war-

The True Peace Story of HWPL: 
Peace and Cessation of War

 2,069 copies distributed to 195 countries 
● Distribution to Major Institutions 

The True Peace Story of HWPL, this book is not about what has passed, 
but it is about the present reality and not just a picture book. 

The True Story of HWPL this book contains the work of peace the seven peace messengers (HPWL, IWPG, IPYG) have done throughout the world.

The True Story(Peace and Cessation of War) of HWPL, in this book, you will see some of the people that they have met, what work they did, what they results were and what they will be doing. 

You will also see how politicians, members of society and religious people responded to their work. 

Additionally, you will see what the possibilities of peace, cessation of war and alliance of religions are how each school in each country reached and what the media reports are.

It will also show the activities of the messengers of peace and how each nation is accepting it. 

I would like to ask those who read this book: if you experience certain feelings, needs, or feel that there are some things you want to change, please send us an e-mail. 

If you world like to see video footages of some of the things our peace messengers are doing, please contact us by e-mail as well.

E-mail of HWPL Headquarters ☞

The purpose of the work recorded in this book is to cease all wars and leave an eternal legacy of peace to future generations. 

This book has been distributed to 195 countries. It is placed in major institutions such as national and public libraries, national assembly libraries, national museums and universities. 

The work of the messengers of peace and this book will be an eternal light in history.

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