Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Peace Letter & DPCW Rootage

The Strong Peace Wind:
Letter of Peace and DPCW
the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War 

In May of 2019, making the 6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace, around 70 countries hosted various events and peace walks with the participation of all citizens.

These events were aimed at mobilizing a worldwide network of youths and citizens to spread the culture of peace in their respective communities and to urge for cooperation for building sustainable peace within the global society.

Peace Letter & DPCW Rootage
continued from
How to Make 'World Peace'

Oh, Peace~!
Let's meet tomorrow
and talk all about it~!

Well ... Okay...
Okay... Got it ...
Yes, let's meet 
at there... Okay...


[At a cafe near university]
Ring~ Ring~
Weather is already hot...


Hey Doyoun, 
it's here~

thump thump thump

Long time no see Peace~!
Have you had lunch yet?

Whoa, yes I have

That's good~! 
Then I'll move on straighter to the matter. 
So have you heard about the peace letter?

By the way, I've also eaten so no worries. 

Oh yes, 
I've heard about it yesterday...

That's ... 

I've heard that youth are gathering 
for the peace letter 
but about what I'm not so sure...

And about the May 25th...

I'll explain it right away~!

The peace letters we are sending is 
to ask for the support of 10 articles 
and 38 clauses of DPCW
and also the activities 
to achieve peace.


※When you want to get the DPCW information, click here πŸ‘‰

In Seoul, South Korea, where the Declaration of World Peace was first proclaimed(DPCW, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), there was a gathering of all family members of peace for the commemoration on May 25th, this year. 

And during the event, IPYG delivery of 370,000 peace letters to leaders in 33 countries.

The Peace Letter Campaign that started with IPYG, the International Peace Youth Group also expanded to include the participation of women and civil society actors. The Peace Letter Campaign, as part of the Legislate Peace Campaign, is a campaign that urges for the implementation of the DPCW through letters that are handwritten by ordinary citizens to their respective heads of state.

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