Friday, June 14, 2019

Religious Scriptures Discuss [6th Online WARP Office]

"Religious Scriptures Discuss"
-The 6th HWPL Online WARP Office-

"About beginning of Man"

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"The 5th HWPL Online WARP Office Meeting" 
"About Creation"

The Beginning of World Peace:
Religious Scriptures Discuss,
Online WARP Office

The 6th HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting

"About the Beginning of Man"

Date: 15 June, 2019(Sat.)
Session 1: 10:00 AM~12:00 PM(UTC)

Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting

The beginning of World Peace will seem small, so prosperous will the future of world Peace be.

June 15, 2019, The 6th Beginning of World Peace of HWPL

The Intercontinental Online WARP Office meeting is a special platform where panelists, representing their respective religions, from around the globe gather to discuss their religious scriptures in the spirit of peace. This international setting allows not only the panelists but also audience members the opportunity to engage with the panelists in real-time to ask any questions in relation to religion and peace.

This meeting will be held quarterly under the series named "What Religious Texts Tell You." For the second quarter, the topic is "About the Beginning of Man".

In this special 6th edition of the Intercontinental Online WARP office, some of our esteemed members of the Solidarity of religions' peace Committee will be joining our panel as well.

[About the Beginning of Man] The 6th HWPL Intercontinental Online WARP Office Meeting -session 1   ▶Click, Play Button~!

All the family members of Earth must become peace messengers and religious people must achieve harmony under God for the cessation of war and world peace to be achieved and left as an inheritance to the future generations. 
Let us all become the messengers of peace and make this world into the kingdom of heaven. The light that will bring world peace, WE ARE ONE~!

The religious leaders are participation in scripture comparison work through the HWPL WARP offices. 💖We are one, in Peace~


  1. Looking forward to join in this meeting.

  2. I hope to join in this beautiful work.

  3. 平和,平和っていい響きですね

  4. 平和の風ならいつどんなに吹いてもいいんです!