Monday, May 27, 2019

[HWPL Peace Webtoon] Peace Letter Power

[HWPL Peace Webtoon]
The Power of Peace Letter

Our Peace Letter and World Peace!

Reply, Letter of Peace 

Our desire for peace is overwhelming with peace letters~!

📔Let's have read and understand this through webtoon~!

HWPL Supporters Webtoon

[HWPL Supporters webtoon] 

The Story of doing One
- Episode 1-

~May is bright and we are writing peace letters~

May is bright~ ♬
And we are growing~♪

Good afternoon everyone!

Hey Jake, what are you doing?
Oh, it's you peace.

I was just writing a letter.
A letter?


Could it be a love letter?
I'm currently not in any relationship!
ha ha Jake ...

I was actually writing a peace letter
'relationship' I wish......
A peace letter?

Doing what I can to aid world peace.

Do you know at which period people tend to write the most?

Writing is the most basic means of expressing yourself. 
That is why so many articles are written just before of after the war.

Speaking of the famous text around the war time, there is the Diary of Anne Frank.

The diary that 13 years girl wrote a letter by letter became the medium to reveal the tragedy of the Holocaust that Jews went through to the whole world.
It has told how horrible the war was, and how important the peace is.

As there are many forms of texts, in order to achieve peace many posts coming up.

And among them, there are also letters.

One might wonder, "For world peace, would this work out?"

However .....

"The Power of Peace Letters" To be continued~🎵

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