Saturday, March 23, 2019

Korean Poem "Root"

Korean Poem

Attached to bamboos, 
I planted them 
in my yard.

Then their roots 
spread everywhere 
and made the whole 
yard a bamboo grove.

Attachment seems 
to be the root of 
all the pain in the world.

I think that Root of Peace is "love" 

Everyone who loves peace wants to participate in "peace movement" of HWPL๐Ÿ’Œ

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Look, HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee
30th World Peace Tour

Mr. Man Hee Lee HWPL Chairman,
30th World Peace Tour: Peace Message "DPCW"

Mr. Man Hee Lee, HWPL Chairman has gone around the world 30th peace tours 
and Declaration of Peace and Cessation of Wars and World Peace.
I think Mr. Man Hee Lee is imbued very passionate 
and has a clear sense of purpose.
How old might he be? 
Well, don't look so surprised.
He is now 89 years old.
Have you ever seen such a man before devoted to world peace despite in his age?

Let's go to Sydney, in Australia along his step 
toward 30th world peace tour, 
[2019 Pacific Leaders' Summit for Peace]

Mr. Man Hee Lee (middle),  "2019 Pacific Leaders' Summit for Peace in Australia"

[Sydney, Australia] 
2019 Pacific Leaders' Summit for Peace

On 19th February 19th, the '2019 Pacific Leaders' Summit for Peace, Sydney' was held at the New South wales Parliament House in Australia with the support of Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light(HWPL), an international NGO under the UN ECOSOC.

With the participation of the Governor-General of Tuvalu and other high-ranking officers of South Pacific nations, including Australia, who emphasized the need for an international mechanism for sustainable peace, this summit on the theme of 'Center of Spreading peace beyond Ethnicity and Borders hosted by Legislate Peace Campaign' was held for the South Pacific leaders to call for the introduction of the introduction of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW) at the UN General Assembly in 2019.

Through this conference, 6 chairpersons of the National Assembly, 3 ministers and chief justices, the former and current heads of state, Governor-General of Tuvalu and former President of the Marshall Islands signed the 'HWPL-Pacific Islands Comprehensive Agreement on Advocacy for the DPCW'. This agreement contains the pledge for active cooperation for the development of the DPCW, which is driven by the spirit of peace, together with 12 high-level government leaders from eight countries in the South Pacific.

Hon. Fibbs Salika, Chief of justice of Papua New Guinea, said, "After a careful understanding of the DPCW, I truly do feel and understand that all our individual effort is needed to build up strong peaceful nations, which I world like for all Pacific Leaders here today to take into consideration as a part of the global family. For us in the Pacific, we must be the champions of peace not only in our region but throughout the world." 


Monday, March 18, 2019

DPCW, 3rd Annual Commemoration "Peace Letter Day"

 3rd Annual Commemoration of 
the DPCW, Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Peace letters sent to the leaders of 193 countries, calling for support for the passage of the DPCW as international peace law.

On 14th March, HWPL, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light will hold a ceremony at Jamsil in Seoul to celebrate the 3rd Annual Commemoration of the DPCW, Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. Around 30,000 participants are expected to attend, including both domestic and foreign experts from fields such as politics, religion, youth and women organizations and the media.

This celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the DPCW held by HWPL will also further emphasize a renewed beginning of a passionate letter-writing campaign with the goal of supporting the legislation of the DPCW as international law. The "Peace Letter" campaign has been actively conducted since last year by the IPYG, International Youth Peace Group, which is a close partner under HWPL. Through this campaign young people from all around the world have written letters directly to the leaders of their respective countries urging them to support the DPCW on a national level.

At the ceremony, HWPL will introduce the achievements that have been made through close cooperation with international organizations, governments and civil society groups since the proclamation of the DPCW. These results include advocating for the DPCW and actively cooperating among countries to peacefully resolve disputes under the principles of the DPCW, the spreading of a culture of peace through civic participation and the garnering of support for the freedom of religion.

International organizations such as the Pan-African Parliament, which represents a totally of 55 African nations, the Baltic Black Sea Council and Central American Parliament have acknowledged and given their official support for the DPCW and agreed to continue to work with HWPL in the future.

Citizens from 176 countries around the world have been actively participating in the "Legislate Peace" campaign which seeks to promote peace and the legislation of an international law for peace. The sincere and dedicated participation of the youth, women and citizens form all over the world has shown that following the principles laid out in the catalyst for uniting everyone in the world together under the values of peace and allowing the achievement of a peaceful and harmonious coexistence.

The second portion of the ceremony will feature a lecture given on Civil Society's Role for Peaceful Unification of the Korean Peninsula. In addition, the HPWL International Law Peace Committee, which has written and revised the DPCW, will hold the 7th committee meeting and then produce and present a curriculum for education the global village about the importance and value of the DPCW.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of the March 1st Movement which inspired the fight for the independence of Korea. The Declaration of Independence, which was written by 33 representatives of the people of Korea at that time, not only declared the independence of Korea but also included the proclamation of the value of peace and harmonious coexistence. The DPCW, which has been proclaimed by the Korea-based NGO HWPL, also acknowledges and promotes peace on the Korean Peninsula and around the world in a similar fashion to the Korean Declaration of Independence.

In the same way that the march first Movement had an impact on the independence movements in India, China, the Philippines and Egypt, the peace movement that started in South Korea through the passionate efforts of HWPL, is now creating a wave of peace that is spreading to many other parts of the world. The 3rd Annual Commemoration of the DPCW will not be limited to the event in South Korea but will also be held in major cities in over 50 countries across the globe. 

Monday, March 11, 2019

About Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW)

   dpcw is an answer


Today I'd like to ask you whether you have ever thought about the peaceworld to be come true in this world? And really anxious for this kind of world in your life before?


   Personal matter?  

While everybody else is working bled out, and you are being selfish, is this equitable? It's not somebody's personal matter.

It's not somebody's personal matter.
If we hand down peaceful world without wars to our future generations, that would be the best present for them.



So distinguished one, you already have an answer.
Now we need to take an action to it.The fact that the answer for peace is never far away!!

 That answer is  DPCW


It is possible that Bottom-up approach for global peace through establishing international peace law by the power of the citizen.

resource :


 Cease the war

It may sound a little difficult. In short, existing international law has a possibility to cause disputes in accordance with the circumstances of the powers within the international law. For example, when the US invades a country in Africa, they can say that it is their ally, it is a broad concept of self-defense that protects their country rather than aggression. It is not legal to cause a conflict, but it is a misuse and a dispute. There was a room for them to defend themselves, and there are provisions that make it possible for the actual subject organizations to function in their defense in order to prevent them, so the DPCW is different!!


So the role of monitoring and overseeing all citizens around the world is so important.
And the place where all the citizens of the world are gathered is HWPL.

So why call DPCW with HWPL as peace answer.

Unlike existing international law, DPCW is the key to being binding.



#DPCW   #10 articles and 38 clauses of DPCW #HWPL

See you on the 14th of March, 2019!!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Man Hee Lee & Peace Way

Mr. Man Hee Lee, HWPL Chairman
The Need for Global Ties of Peace

#HWPL  #DPCW #WARP OFFICE     #Religious Youth Peace Camp

Do you think the world of peace is impossible?

Today I would like to say that for peace, many nations and people are currently moving and moving continuously.

Last month on the 21st, 22nd of February, about 1,000 social representatives, including men and women from Asean member states, religious leaders and NGOs, gathered in Cambodia to discuss ways to make peace in Southeast Asia, according to a South Korea-based NGO Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL).

At this discussion, HWPL said that they have cooperated with various schools and educational institutions worldwide to promote skills of peacemaking.

"Out of the 127 schools, from 9 different countries that voluntarily became HWPL Peace Academies, 12 schools from Southern African region signed the Memorandum of Understanding.

Wow~~is that true??

Additionally, it said

Among them are Cape Town schools Liesbeeck Primary, Bonteheuwel High School, Holy Cross Girls High School  as well as Universidade Jean Piaget de Moรงambique in Mozambique." 

Religion has to serve as an educator teaching good behaviour to all people in the world.

However, some religions are threatening freedom of religion and human rights of religious people.

Each religion must cease to do evil in the name of religion,” Hoy Sochivanny, President of Positive Change for Cambodia said.

Man Hee Lee, the chairman of HWPL, urged the forum to support his efforts to have UN resolution for DPCW saying: “Now we have the answer within the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW to achieve peace and end the war. There is no one who doesn’t want peace.”

HWPL has proposed the need for global ties of peace to UN officials from 145 countries, according to an HWPL official.