Tuesday, December 24, 2019

A Measure of Peace, DPCW

📐A Measure of peace📏, DPCW Article 10

80 students make a colorful march

What comes to your mind when you think about your school days?
What did you do?
I think all I did was eating, studying and playing with my friends.

Let's take a look at what these 80 students have done.

DPCW Article 10: Spreading the Culture of Peace.
Peace Education "about DPCW article 10: Spreading the Culture of Peace

To celebrate United Nations Day, 24, October, students of Bethel Knox paraded in a variety of costumes representing different cultures and nations. Paraders dressed in respective national dresses marched and chanted, "Spread the culture of peace," the title of the 10th article of the DPCW, stirring air of hope amongst the audience for a world united with peace.

There is a reason why this is more meaningful. The Philippines has a history of many conflicts and wars. So people have a longing for peace in their hears. These are expressed in children's pure behavior. What happens when these kids grow up? Will the world change?

Philippines is changing ~💓
This 360° virtual reality video follows the experiences of two Filipinos living in Upper Campo Islam, Mindanao, a region in the Philippines affected by decades -old conflict now looking to rebuild. Through their memories, hopes and fears, we learn the past, present and future price of conflict.

Bethel Knox students recently started taking the HWPL Peace Education program, and their faces gleamed with excitement and anticipation for a future of peace throughout the event. Bethel Knox is offering the HWPL Peace Education program to inspire student with the spirit of peace and nurture future peace activists.

Peace Education is set to serve as a building block to bring people of diverse ethnicities and culture together to call for peace. Students who finish the Peace Education courses will become of a brighter and more peaceful future.

After the parade, students presented dance performances to celebrate "a day of marching toward peace," followed by a multicultural feast with international cuisines including a boodle fight, a traditional Filipino meal.

I hope that this will serve as an opportunity to think about what we can do about peace. Supporting DPCW is one way.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

HWPL True Peace Story, This Book is Not...

This book of HWPL peace is no one can imitate.
A big two thumbs up, this book, for dynamic world peace.
-About the true Story of HWPL, peace and cessation of war-

The True Peace Story of HWPL: 
Peace and Cessation of War

 2,069 copies distributed to 195 countries 
● Distribution to Major Institutions 

The True Peace Story of HWPL, this book is not about what has passed, 
but it is about the present reality and not just a picture book. 

The True Story of HWPL this book contains the work of peace the seven peace messengers (HPWL, IWPG, IPYG) have done throughout the world.

The True Story(Peace and Cessation of War) of HWPL, in this book, you will see some of the people that they have met, what work they did, what they results were and what they will be doing. 

You will also see how politicians, members of society and religious people responded to their work. 

Additionally, you will see what the possibilities of peace, cessation of war and alliance of religions are how each school in each country reached and what the media reports are.

It will also show the activities of the messengers of peace and how each nation is accepting it. 

I would like to ask those who read this book: if you experience certain feelings, needs, or feel that there are some things you want to change, please send us an e-mail. 

If you world like to see video footages of some of the things our peace messengers are doing, please contact us by e-mail as well.

E-mail of HWPL Headquarters ☞  hwpl@hwpl.kr

The purpose of the work recorded in this book is to cease all wars and leave an eternal legacy of peace to future generations. 

This book has been distributed to 195 countries. It is placed in major institutions such as national and public libraries, national assembly libraries, national museums and universities. 

The work of the messengers of peace and this book will be an eternal light in history.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Peace Education Solution & DPCW

I asked myself these questions~

How far has peace come to us?
How far have we come for Peace?
Where are we on that?

Can you answer these questions?

The True Story of HWPL 
Peace and Cessation of War 

[A Symbol of Peace Education]

▲ Târgu Mureş State Library in Romania

"The true story of peace and cessation of war" opened to the public in 195 countries
This book of HWPL can be considered a symbol of peace education, a history fragment for the 21st century.

As of August 2019, a book named "True Story of HWPL Peace and Cessation of War" with the record of peacebuilding efforts by millions of global citizens and social leaders has been displayed in public institutions including libraries, schools, museums in 195 countries.

The thick 800 pages of this book describe how the world becomes one for peace. The description and photos of peacemaking efforts with the collaboration of civil society and national leaders from different fields - politics, academia, media, women, youth, religion, education and many others - are introduced as a collective will for the cause of global peace.

According to HWPL the publisher, the purpose of this book is to implant the values and spirit of peace that lead "every individual to become a messenger of peace."

Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL is delivering the True Peace Story of HWPL to Prince of Kingdom of Swaziland

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL who experienced the war as a war veteran prefaced the book by saying "We have worked together with all our hearts and strengths to achieve world Peace and cessation of war transcending all borders of nation, ethnicity, and religion. Let us all become messenger of peace and leave peace as an everlasting legacy for future generations. Our work of peace will shine as an eternal light in history."

The book also appeals to readers with a unique approach to peacebuiling in a way that peace can be safeguarded as culture, rule of law and recognition. As proposed by HWPL, international efforts for peacebuiling have been sought through the establishment of an international law addressing responsibilities for states to secure peace, inter-religious dialogues to promote the reconciliation of the current conflicts caused by different worldviews and the introduction of peace education through school curriculum and government policies.

Along with these initiatives in the book it says building peace monuments and setting a peace memorial day are examples of spreading a culture of peace to devise an environment of furthering civic awareness of peace.

  • Regarding the value of this book, Bice mayor of TTârgu Mureş in Romania, Dr. Makkai Grigore, told "This book is a model and a call to peace. Readers can find models that are worthwhile to follow and can be stimulated to maintain peace. Through this book, I can come into contact with a lesser-known reality and meet world leaders who have a say about peace. I think this book can be considered a symbol of peace education, a history fragment for the 21st century." 

  • Mr. Upendra Prasad Mainali, Chief Librarian of Nepal National Library, expressed his impression on the book by saying "This book shows the facts about the post conflict and the peace process activities. Some of the pictures have portrayed the clear concept that the moment of declaration of peace has happened in real-life human beings. The "True Story:" learned by the library users is very important to create the happiness of the people in the war conflict situation."

    In particular, in chapter 5 of this book introduces the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW) of 10 articles and 38 clauses drafted by renowned international law experts as a practical approach to sustainable peace. To establish a legally binding international framework that prohibits any armed conflicts based on the DPCW, global society as well as intergovernmental organizations have gathered the supports through the "Legislate Peace Campaign".

    "HWPL has been able to organize youth and women groups in the peace process to create restoration and happiness for the people. The international legal document(DPCW) plays a vital role in world history for the global family's peace toward peace," added Mr. Upendra Prasad Mainali.

  • Mr. Joselito DC Domingo, Library Head of Polytechnic University of the Philippines said, "What world the world be like without peace? We know that the world will become disoriented without peace. So, we should live harmoniously even though we have different beliefs, ethnics, and races. If someone or some organization are towards peace this book can provide them positive outlook in advocating peace."

The book "True Story of HWPL Peace and Cessation of War" is now available in schools, libraries and government offices to the general public in 195 countries around the world, including the Nobel Peace Institute Library in Norway, Library of National Assembly of Togo, Library of University of Indonesia, National Library of Ukraine, Panama National Canal Museum, Nepal National Library.

Friday, September 13, 2019

2019 WARP Summit, Legislate Peace

✐ Legislate Peace ☮
Implementation of the DPCW for Sustainable Development

The WARP Peace Summit of the 2019
this year, HWPL will share the achievements of the past year, which was focused on solidifying peace networks in various fields, and provide a more detailed direction for the advancement of the realization of world peace.

Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light(HWPL), the Strong Wind of Peace

The 2019 World Peace Summit, 5th Anniversary of the WARP Summit will be held under the theme 'Legislate Peace m Implementation of the DPCW for Sustainable Development' from the 18th to the 19th of September for a total of 2 days in Seoul, South Korea.

The WARP Peace Summit has been held annually since 2014, providing a platform for leaders in politics, religion, youth and women's groups, the press and media and civil society form around world to discuss the ideas and practices required to achieve peace, which is a common goal for the entire global community.

This year, we will share the achievements of the past year, which was focused on solidifying peace networks in various fields, and provide a more detailed direction for the advancement of the realization of world peace.

For this purpose, there will be events held in around 200 cities in 110 countries around the world with the goal of establishing a universal standard and international order that can be applied across the globe and enacting an international and legally binding law for peace. One of the core principles of peace, the spreading of a culture of peace as presented in the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW), is now gaining popular support and expanding into a global peace movement.

Domestically, the event will be held for a period of 2 days. 
On September 18th there will be a press conference and an outdoor commemoration event and on the 19th  the conferences to be held include, the 2019 conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War, 5th International Religious Leaders Conference, HWPL Peace Education Conference, 2019 International Youth Peace Conference and 2019 International Women's Peace Conference(http://world-peacesummit.org)

HWPL, along with world-renowned international law experts and scholars from various fields, proclaimed the DPCW on March 14, 2016 with the aim of creation an internationally legally binding instrument that world bring a complete and to the caused of war and armed conflict. 

The 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW is a comprehensive documentation of the principles of peace that are required in this current era through an inclusive approach to ban, prevent and resolve conflicts. 

This DPCW aims to ensure the realization of true peace and that is value can be taught to the next generation that will lead global community through the key principles of ensuring the freedom of religion and ethnic diversity from the military security and politics and spreading a culture of peace through peace education.

The DPCW, a comprehensive document that clarifies  the role of the members of international society to prevent and resolve conflicts is in the process of being introduced to the UN as a draft resolution. 

As a part of the process, HWPL and its affiliated youth organization, IPYG are promoting the "Legislate Peace" project worldwide, which has since gained support from 1.5 million citizens from 195 countries through supporting signatures and peace letters written to their respective national leaders.

The "Legislate Peace, project is a comprehensive cooperation campaign carried out around the globe in support of the core principle of peace contained in the 10 articles and 38 clauses of the DPCW becoming an international legally binding document that can be applied not only within individual societies but on an international level within the global community as a whole. 

In order to achieve the global community's shared goal of ending war and achieving world peace, this year's ceremony will share specific examples of implementation within each area of the project and discuss future plans.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Peace Letter & DPCW Rootage

The Strong Peace Wind:
Letter of Peace and DPCW
the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War 

In May of 2019, making the 6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace, around 70 countries hosted various events and peace walks with the participation of all citizens.

These events were aimed at mobilizing a worldwide network of youths and citizens to spread the culture of peace in their respective communities and to urge for cooperation for building sustainable peace within the global society.

Peace Letter & DPCW Rootage
continued from
How to Make 'World Peace'

Oh, Peace~!
Let's meet tomorrow
and talk all about it~!

Well ... Okay...
Okay... Got it ...
Yes, let's meet 
at there... Okay...


[At a cafe near university]
Ring~ Ring~
Weather is already hot...


Hey Doyoun, 
it's here~

thump thump thump

Long time no see Peace~!
Have you had lunch yet?

Whoa, yes I have

That's good~! 
Then I'll move on straighter to the matter. 
So have you heard about the peace letter?

By the way, I've also eaten so no worries. 

Oh yes, 
I've heard about it yesterday...

That's ... 

I've heard that youth are gathering 
for the peace letter 
but about what I'm not so sure...

And about the May 25th...

I'll explain it right away~!

The peace letters we are sending is 
to ask for the support of 10 articles 
and 38 clauses of DPCW
and also the activities 
to achieve peace.


※When you want to get the DPCW information, click here 👉  http://hwpl.kr/en/initiative/lawForPeace

In Seoul, South Korea, where the Declaration of World Peace was first proclaimed(DPCW, the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War), there was a gathering of all family members of peace for the commemoration on May 25th, this year. 

And during the event, IPYG delivery of 370,000 peace letters to leaders in 33 countries.

The Peace Letter Campaign that started with IPYG, the International Peace Youth Group also expanded to include the participation of women and civil society actors. The Peace Letter Campaign, as part of the Legislate Peace Campaign, is a campaign that urges for the implementation of the DPCW through letters that are handwritten by ordinary citizens to their respective heads of state.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Man Hee Lee, "Interfaith Dialogue Based On Scriptures"

HWPL Mr. Man Hee Lee Chairman Quotes
"The Importance of Interfaith Dialogue Based On Scriptures"

'Number of WARP Offices'What quarter is the wind in?
'HWPL WARP Offices', the strong peace wind is blowing~

"Why Religious Leaders Become One for Peace" 
-HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Quotes-

World Religions Discuss the Nature of Life through the Beginning of Man

On June 15th, with the theme of "About the Beginning of Man", "The 6th Inter-Continental World Alliance of Religions' Peace Office Meeting" was held to discuss religious teachings on human life written in scriptures through YouTube by religious representatives from Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, and Zoroastrianism.

http://bit.ly/oWARP6-1 "About the Beginning of Man 1"

http://bit.ly/oWARP6-2 "About the Beginning of Man 2"

Examining the Nature of Man through the Beginning of Life

HWPL Chairman, Mr. Man Hee Lee said, regarding the importance of interfaith dialogue based on scriptures
Let's listen!

Regarding the importance of interfaith dialogue based on scriptures, chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee says, Many conflicts bring the destruction of our globe. Wars and conflicts must come to an end in order to achieve peace, but wars break out more frequently because of religion. It is said that God had creation not to kill, so there should be zero conflict caused by religion. This is why religious leaders become one for peace."

"Despite different explanations on the beginning of man - either from creation or evolution, all the religions in this meeting had one thing in common.
Through scriptures, it s revealed that human life today is not complete with character, longevity, and death. And they say that the original quality of the man or previous being was understood as a better and complete entity. This also suggests that human 'restoration' to be better in quality is the goal given to people in today's world.

"The purpose of the human from of life is to understand our true self as spirit soul and not this material body. And our goal of life is to re-establish our relations with the Supreme Lord through the process of love and devotion and go back to Him in the spiritual world and never come back again to the material world which is the place of miseries and sufferings at every step," added Vinod.

About the meaning of the interfaith dialogue, "It reality is a family of people of different religious backgrounds, all aiming at the same goal of peace. It is through this bonding that earth can be a better place and human beings can emulate each other by being good persons. And that is how God works his way through us." said Dr. Meher Master Moos, President of Zoroastrian College in India.

Interfaith dialogues by HWPL WARP Offices through comparative studies on religious scriptures in 250 locations from 128 countries have been conducted to promote understanding and respect among religions and prevent conflicts.

Source: Man Hee Lee "Interfaith Dialogue Based On Scriptures" http://www.hwpl.kr/en/news/view/190624404/0/WorldReligionsDiscusstheNatureofLifethroughtheBeginningofMan

Monday, July 1, 2019

How to Make 'World Peace'

A Way to Achieve 
"World Peace"

"Achieving World Peace" is easier said than done.
Will it be easy or difficult?

Little things(peace letters) add up to big and awesome World Peace.

Then, following 'the peace letter power' continues.

Go~ Go~!

🔠 🔡 🔤

How to Make "World Peace" continued from
[HWPL Peace Webtoon] Peace Letter Power


There are plenty of cases which the world 
has been transformed by letters sent, right?


That is why?

Youth from all over the world have gathered.


this is one of that Peace letter.

I wanna
do it too!

Calm down......

May 25th is not far away anyways, 
so do your best!

Yes! I'll try......


Hold on, what is May 25th? ...

Hey Jake, could use some help here!

Okay, hold on!

Sorry, I'll tell you later!




What could it be ......

What could it be?

What could it be?

Well ...... 
is anything going on 
at May 25th?

in the world 
is May 25th about?



(feeling of a deja vu)

Hey Peace, this is Doyoun.
How are you doing?

Oh it's you Doyoun.

Huh? Your voice Peace......
Has something happened?

Oh ... Well ... actually 
there's something 
I'm curious about.....

What is that?

Well ..... 
is anything going on 
at May 25th?

Do you know about that day (May 25th)?

Continuation follows ~ ~ ~