Wednesday, July 4, 2018

[Korean Poem] Past Lives?

[Korean Poem]
Are There Past Lives?

A person asked, 
"Are there past lives?"
I asked the person,
"Was there yesterday?"

Your life until today becomes tomorrow.

When I get to this Korean poem, I remind this bon mot.
"Today, which I spent meaninglessly would be the tomorrow to the man died." 
Let's make it count a meaningful today for world peace~☮ 
If people who dream about peace show a bit of interests, peace must be earned.
I think that "there just aren't no job worth below this~!"
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Anyone can cry for peace but, not everyone can achieve.
There is a non-profit organization called 
"Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL)" 
which practically leads world peace to come true.
HWPL has two great supports which are IWPG & IPYG. 
And with those supporters.
HWPL takes the lead in world peace movement.
Everyone who loves peace wants to paticipate in peace movement of HWPL.

Let's with~☮

Let's join~ ☮

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