Monday, May 14, 2018

[Overcome Poem] Like the Moon ...

Like the Moon is Out of 
Break Through the Clouds

One who has overcome laziness 
will light the world like the moon 
is out of break through the clouds.

One who, with good deeds 
makes up for past misdeeds 
will light the world
like the moon is out of 
break through the clouds.

I think the moon of this title is one who save mankind 
from serious danger of becoming destroying the earth.
Destroying the earth, that is obviously to turn an enormous profit 
from a lure of world war. 
So, I welcome this good news, 
I hope that the world of humanity can be a world of peace 
not war Like Mr. Moon and Mr. Kim.

A new history, from now on!
The history of peaceful era,
-At the starting point of (Peace) history- 
Meeting between Mr. Kim(Left) & Mr. Moon(Right),
The two summits met with each other and shook hands

Now, the world of peace is just around the corner~💕
Let's walk together upon the path world peace

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