Friday, April 27, 2018

[Korean Peaceful Poem] Spring in the Classroom

Spring in the Classroom 

Look, kids, it's spring.
I opened the window.

But the kids 
just took a glance.

No wonder they can't see spring
they themselves are spring.

Source of Image : DPCW, International Peace Law Article 10 : Spread a culture of peace

I like this peaceful poem.
Looking at this Korean dinky poem, I smiled quietly at the corners of my mouth.
After all war is over quickly and I hope blossoming spring of peace for children living in the global community.

Monday, April 23, 2018

DPCW, Very Strong Peace Wind of HWPL

HWPL, The Very Strong Wind of Peace 
Worldwide 'DPCW' Campaign

Peace Law 'DPCW' Legislate Peace Campaign 
is spreading in the world.

Let's have a look~!

Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War Seminar
The Wave of Peace in Myanmar

Representatives of the Happy Healthy Helping Society held a signing ceremony to present the necessity of peace in Myanmar and to support and advocate for the DPCW with the Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, along with the Minister of Social Affairs of Yangon, members of parliament and lawyers in attendance.

'DPCW' was introduced at the international law conference attended
by supreme Court Justices, lawyers and law students in India

The DPCW was introduced at the international law conference attended by Supreme Court justices, lawyers
and law students in India, and the Supreme Court's library was furnished
with the DPCW through the active participation and support of the attendees.

HWPL Peace Conference
- Law for Peace -
-religious Harmony and Peace-

High-ranking officials, senior lawyers, civic leaders, journalists and other experts from various fields discussed
how to utilize the DPCW to further strengthen peace and security under the Indian constitution.

 New year's Message from Korea in Fiji
-The HWPL Fiji Peace Steering Committee-

The HWPL Fiji Peace Steering Committee was launched to bring together a group of Fijians from religious communities, youth organizations, and civil society to actively promote peace activities in Fiji.

IPYG, International Peace Youth Group, Malaysian Youths
Yeah~ Peace ceremony~ V

Malaysian youth discussed a plan to promote the peace activities of IPYG through SNS,
 thus becoming a press corps of peace.

In Swaziland, Youth Leaders from various parts of Swaziland

Youth leaders from various parts of Swaziland gathered to share about the peace activities
in each region and pledged to build peace in Swaziland.

The leader of YEDO, an organization in Thailand,
made young people aware of the importance of peace
by the introduction of IPYG

Through the introduction of IPYG, the leader of YEDO, and organization in Thailand, made young people aware of the importance of peace, and the youth in attendance became interested in IPYG's peace activities.

In the Philippines, about 4,000 students from Mindanao State University 

About 4,000 students from Mindanao State University in the Philippines hoped to put an end to current,
and prevent future, ideologies of extremism and violence through the Peace Walk.

Three Students form Songkla University of Thailand is making
a presentation about the role of the youth in peace building 

Students from Songkla University of Thailand raised awareness and increased interest
in peace through discussions and presentations about the role of the youth in peace building.

 Students of Nigeria, IPYG Peace Workshop,
Learning about the actions necessary for peace 

Students from Comprehensive Secondary School, Amakohia, Owerri, Imo State of Nigeria said
they learned about the actions necessary for peace through the time
given where they created drawings of peace
and war and talked about their feelings.

The Power of the DPCW 
The Only Way to Prevent violent extremism ☞ DPCW 
Practical Answer to Cease War of Man Hee Lee Peace Leader
Legislate Peace Campaign in Nepal 
Who Can Bring about Peace? - Mr. Man Hee Lee Congratulatory
'Peace Genes' Peace Walk in Cluj-Napoca, Romania 
HWPL Religious Peace Camp: The Role of Religion

A wind of longing for peace is spreading throughout the world~!


The center of world peace wind, hwpl site ☞