Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Peace Voices of 3rd WARP Summit

3rd Annual Commemoration of the Sep 17-19
🎤 Voices of the WARP Peace Summit
Memories and Expectations

Voices of the WARP Peace Summit

HWPL has legislated international law of Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War(DPCW). 
The only answer to free you from terror and nuclear weapon is in 3rd annual WARP Summit.
If is there anybody who wants to add clause to this law, please come to 3rd annual WARP Summit. We welcome you all.
However, only with longing for peace person who transcend border, race and religion can participate, without my own country's benefit and greed in 3rd WARP Peace Summit.

3rd Annual Commemoration of the Sep 17-19           
🎤 Voices of the WARP Summit
Memories and Expectations

Seyed Reza Hosseini Nassab 
Present Grand Anatollah of Canada 

🎤 The event(last year, 2nd WARP Summit) was well organized and I'll never forget the beauty and the order of some parts of the program; such as, the amazing show for the sake of the unity of Korea and the role of tens of thousands of youth in different parts of the festivals.

Hafez Haridy
Editor in Chief, Nile Culture Channel, the Egyptian Radio and Television Union
🎤 I believe that peace will be achieved only by cooperation between all countries and among the civil society organizations which are considered as the representatives of peoples.

And this must be done through international meetings and conferences such as this summit.

I invite all world leaders, politicians and clergymen from all religions to participate enthusiastically in this 3rd WARP Peace Summit to try to establish a comprehensive and just peace throughout the world by attending this WARP summit, which I consider to be a very important summit for the establishment of peace in the world.

Imran Maqsood 
Founder of Faisalabad School For Peace

🎤 It's my first time to attend this WARP Summit. My purpose in attend this Peace Summit is to expand my knowledge and understand the global issues from their opinions and contribute to solving the problems that affect promoting peace in our society.

The idea that peace is important is exemplified by the large number of organizations,
like HWPL, striving for peace across the world. We would like to make a network with HWPL. We would like to make a network with HWPL.

More important, by attending this 3rd WARP Peace summit, I can get knowledge and ideas from worldwide peace builders of how we can build peace between states and civil society.

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