Friday, September 15, 2017

Peace Governance with DPCW


Would like to participate in 3rd WARP Summit?

Person who hemmed in by all oneself petty ideas and greed can not participate in 3rd WARP Peace Summit.
In 3rd WARP Summit only person who transcend border, race and religion can participate.

HWPL has legislated international law of Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War. If is there anybody who wants to add clause about peace to this law, please come to 3rd annual WARP Summit. We welcome you all.

For those who couldn't come to 3rd WARP Summit, I invite you to the place of peace.
Here we go~  Sept. 18th(Mon.) 14:00 KST (GMT+9)

3rd Annual Commemoration of the Sept. 18th 
WARP Summit 2017

Establishing Collaborative Governance for Peace

Discussion and sincere cooperation is necessary for establishing a network of peace that has the power to make a difference in the world. For this reason, various sessions and panel discussions will be held to allow government representatives and civil society actors to share their thoughts and five suggestions regarding the advancement of the DPCW
Peace Governance Source:

5th HWPL International Law Peace Committee Meeting: Legislate Peace Together
Seeking ways to make the DPCW a reality for the peaceful present and future

The meeting will be held to share the outcomes of the past year and devise concrete strategies for the development and implementation of the DPCW

Conference for Global Peace Media Network: Freedom of the Press and International Peace Media Community Initiative

Freedom of the press and international peace media community initiative

The conference will focus on strengthening the role of journalists in spreading peace and constructing a global peace media network

2017 Conference for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Development and implementation of the DPCW through the establishment of peace governance

The conference will focus on establishing collaborative governance between governments and civil societies for the following objectives:
-To transform the DPCW into legally binding form
-To develop education and culture of peace
-To foster harmony amongst religions

Peace Education Development Forum for Spreading a Culture of Peace

Seeking ways to develop peace education for the promotion of a culture of peace

The forum aims to develop contents for peace education and to remind educators that their mission of nurturing peace leaders can lead to sustainable peace.

Region-Specific Discussion for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Region-Specific Discussion for the Implementation of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War

Point 1
The discussions will address the following topics: raising awareness of the DPCW in the civil society, promotion legislation at the national level,and cooperating with central and local governments for cultural programs.

Point 2
The session will serve as a momentum for strengthening peace networks between governments and regional societies and facilitating the activities carried out for the implementation of the DPCW.

3rd International Religious Leaders Conference:P Cooperation for the Realization of Religious Peace 

The role of religious leaders in achieving religious peace

The conference will present the standards for determining a trustworthy religious scripture, which have been discussed over the past year, and propose the most effective and fundamental solution for achieving peace which require religious leaders to unique role.

If you have not received invitation, even though you have eager to peace. 
Please, ask HWPL office.

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