Thursday, July 27, 2017

Vision of Humanity & the Data

Vision of Humanity & 
Global Peace Index

In the 12 months since the last year Global Peace Index, 
increased conflict, terrorism and the refugee crisis suggests a less peaceful world. 
However, despite the increasingly unequal gap between peaceful and less peaceful nations, 
there are positive trends where the data tells a different story. 
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Vision of Humanity

There are positive trends where the data tells a different story
23 types of data analysed
163 countries
The gap between countries continues to widen
The world has become 2.4% less peaceful 🔻 
some of the most peaceful nations have reached their big best ever levels of peace
Deaths from terrorism have increased by 80%
$1,876 for every person in the world 🔺
There is good peaceful news....
77 countries more peaceful than 10 years ago

  • Terrorism is at an all time high
  • Battle deaths from conflict at 25 year high
  • Refugees highest in 60 years
By Institute for Economics & Peace

Let’s work together to spread the seeds of peace in the world for vision of humanity.

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