Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Young Won Kim, Shadow of Shadow

Shadow of Shadow(Alone)
💖 Young Won Kim 👨

I have been to Dadaepo Beach in Busan, South Korea.
I met a big size work of art there.
I would like to introduce 'Shadow of Shadow' of Young Won Kim.

Shadow of Shadow (Alone; Stand Alone) - 2010, Bronze, 800 X 230 X 216cm
Young Won Kim (Korea): Born in 1947, Changwon, Korea. 

All four sides of this work are the front.
That is, each side a viewer looks at is the front: there is no back.
A man with his back facing the viewer seems to look away on one side; a two-dimensional man appears to either overlap or stand alongside a three-dimensional realistic man on another side; a man appears or disappears on another; and a two-dimensional abstract man emerges only by his silhouette.

As such, each face of this work is made up of different concepts and images.
This work is characterized by an attempt to integrate and harmonize such diverse images.

I have brought a shift from a static space in sculpture to  a dynamic space. One cannot help but walk around my work as standing in front of it makes viewers curious about its back, something which is also one of its hallmarks.

This work well-received by visitors among 34 submitted exhibition works from 16 countries who participated in Sea Arts Festival 2015 (19 Sep. to 19 Oct. 2015. Dadaepo Beach in Busan, South Korea).

It has been displayed continuously for tourists to appreciate the work since then as the Sea Art Festival 2015 finished.

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