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HWPL, World Peace Parade

Heavenly Culture, 
World Peace, 
Restoration of Light
<HWPL, World Peace Parade> 

Heavenly Culture, Shining the Light of Peace, Moves the Hearts of the World 

Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit – Special Outdoor Concert, Ceremony, Fireworks

A large crowd of 200,000 members filled Jamsil Olympic Stadium to the brim and embraced the idea of ‘WE ARE THE ONE.’ Against a backdrop of lamps that recalled the night sky embroidered by magnificent fireworks, it was truly a spectacle worthy of the world peace at the Peace Festival for the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the WARP Summit.

Arirang – the Peace that Resonates in the Starlight

'Arirang Arirang Arariyo
 Crossing over arirang hills. We enter the new nation of peace.'

From the darkness and the silence of the ruins of war comes the resonating “Arirang of Peace”! At the moment when hundreds of thousands of lights blinked on from the spectator stands, all were held captivated.
At the moment one tall tree appeared! Without reservations, all the peoples of the world let go of everything and realized the fruits of the hope for peace in heaven and earth.

starlight performance (5min)

Everyone gathered in this place displayed tears of joy and delight at the peace festival. No one could suppress their desperate longing for peace in the faces of those who had become the expression of “WE ARE THE ONE.”

Ceremony, The Peace Gate Opens Again, Heart of the Peace Festival

The ceremony was a change for everyone to get a long in harmony. The performers and spectators became one to emphasize this harmony. In the spirit of the ceremony, peoples from all nations, ethnicities, religions, walks, and appearances became one through a heart yearning for peace at this Peace Festival. Everyone resolved to become messengers of peace so that peace will come to the whole world.

 The highlight of today’s event was Arirang, which expressed joy through the Chasan Farmers’ Band and the IWPG Unity Concert. The incredibly enjoyable Arirang Parade proceeded with the beating of the buk, the striking of the jangu, and the blowing of the trumpet. Everybody followed the waving flags, the lively path of the dancing, and the various colors of Arirang to the blossoming of the Culture of Peace.

 Following the beautiful waves and each other, a harmonious Arirang was made. Tomorrow’s hope and the legacy to be left for future generations, the wave of peace left from Korea and headed for the hearts of the whole world. Accompanied by the dancing steps and the uplifting melody, the atmosphere was built up by the joyful dancing and the warm embrace of the honored guests.

The Echo of Peace Resonating Throughout the World by HWPL

300 children dressed in beautiful hanboks sang “The Unity of our Hope.” This painful chorus of a hope for Korea’s unification born from the conflicts and divisions of its people resonated with the hearts of the people of the world. At long last, having ascended up the steps of heaven to the kingdom of peace a butterfly came and sat on the bud of this great tree. The festivity of peace attended by the people of the world, having transcended nations and peoples, was coming to its end.

Witnesses to the heavenly culture captured every moment on their cameras to be remembered forever

HWPL, World Peace Parade Source:

HWPL, World Peace Parade Source:

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