Tuesday, September 6, 2016

[Peace Steps] HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee

HWPL Chairman, 
Man Hee Lee, 
Steps to Peace

Mr. Man Hee Lee, HWPL ChairmanSteps to Peace 

[Peace Steps] HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee continued from The Biggest Peace Conference in History WARP Peace Summit 

■ Outstanding outcomes visiting around approximately 100 countries in 4 years

Steps to peace which chairman Lee Man Hee from HWPL and his delegation of peace proceeded 24 times of touring in 4 years shows amazing schedule and outcomes.

Even though it was private non-profit organization, they’ve met former•incumbent president including political, religion, women and youth group leaders, jurist and press.

Also, Man Hee Lee, he was invited to national assembly of each country (including South Africa, Rumania and Rome) and UN conference and gave speech.

President from each country and leader from each fields who have met chairman Man Hee Lee became consultant and honorary ambassador and the press from each country as a honorary ambassador has reported the news with passion.

There were unbelievable outcomes ongoing such as leaders from 14 million of Rom, 14 million of Inca and 12 million of Mayan have signed up for peace agreement.

2016 WARP
World Alliance of Religions' 
Peace Summit
◈ September 18th 2016 ◈
2nd Annual Commemoration
HWPL, WARP Peace Summit 
in Seoul South Korea

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