Wednesday, September 7, 2016

ManHeeLee, Peace Steps Result ☞ Peace School of HWPL

For Whom?

For Whom the War Exists?

We don’t want the pain and agony of war.
The war makes our children cry.
Let’s make our children growing up in world of peace.

The light that will bring world peace, Man Hee Lee, HWPL Chairman

<ManHeeLee, Peace Steps Result ☞ Peace School of HWPL> continued from [Peace Steps] HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee

■ Booming HWPL peace academy in the world

More than 100 school is designated all over the world as HWPL peace academy by the requests from people who participated 1st peace summit ceremony

Mar Elias Educational Institutions in Israel was designated as a first HWPL peace academy followed by 5 academies including Prishtina university, Kadrizeka University in Kosovo and Ramagya School in Hindo

If school is designated as a HWPL peace academy, peace education became curriculum for whole school which contains contents of performing peace by HWPL 1~2 times a year.

Not only peace education of HWPL wakes up the importance of peace to youth in each country, but also it has effectiveness for them to realize that Korea is the country of peace.


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On 2016, Sep. 18 in Seoul, SouthKorea
Sensational Peace Festival
Transcending Nation,
Religion and Race 
2nd Annual Commemoration
Festival of WARP Peace Summit

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