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The Peace Spirit, 2nd Annual Commemoration WARP Summit

The Peace Spirit, 2nd Annual Commemoration WARP Summit Source:

Hand in Hand We Can Make This World A Better Place to Live

The Peace Spirit, 
2nd Annual Commemoration 
WARP Peace Summit 


Inspired by the story of a man who ran to deliver the news of peace that revealed cessation of hostilities in the ancient Greeks, the global community put efforts to rejuvenate the spirit of peace through a world sporting event every 4 years to think of our world as one village with the principles of coexistence and sense of togetherness.

 With the hope of global citizens to have a peaceful world in the face of ideological confrontation and greater possibility of military conflict during the Cold War era, the 1988 Seoul Olympics was the very moment for the globe hoping for restoration of a peaceful environment by all states transcending barriers that hinder cooperation.

 At the Olympics, the global community witnessed that the spirit of peace can overcome the pressure of force through diverse worldwide peace advocacy movements and the walls started to be broken down in our reality.

 Two dozen years after the Seoul Olympics, the flame of hope with shouts of peace re-appeared at the same platform of the stadium at the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit in 2014. The global community was holding hands together, singing songs desiring for peace, and promised to work together, putting differences and barriers aside.

 Through interactive conferences and peace & sports festival on demonstrating practical approaches to creating social conditions conducive to peace in our times, the WARP Summit 2016 will once again strengthen our solidarity in peacebuilding.

The Peace Spirit, 2nd Annual Commemoration WARP Summit Source:

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