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Inquire of Cachin, HWPL Publicity Ambassador

2nd Annual Commemoration, WARP Summit

[September 18th] 2nd Annual Commemoration, WARP Summit, Seoul 2016

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Inquire of Cachin, 
HWPL Publicity Ambassador

I am an HWPL Publicity Peace Ambassador. 

Last month, HWPL received self-recorded videos made by the HWPL Publicity Ambassadors, who actively make their best efforts for raising awareness and directly engage in publicizing HWPL’s peace activities through networking, education, media coverage and so on. The video clip with the voice for peace from Publicity Ambassadors can be accessed through the official website.

The following is the support message for peace by Elizabeth C. Cachin, PTV, the Philippines.

 Cachin : I am Elizabeth C. Cachin from People’s Television, PTV for the Philippines.

How did you become the HWPL’s Peace Ambassador?

 Cachin : Maybe because of the simple reason that I support all the activities and endeavors of HWPL by doing their stories and broadcasting them. 

What is your memorable experience in being a Peace Ambassador?

 Cachin : It was when I attended the World Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea. It was there that I witnessed for myself how people from different walks of life from different nations gathered in one place and in one venue, and craved and longed for world peace.

What is your vision as a Peace Ambassador of HWPL?

 Cachin : My vision is that all news stories be made with less sensationalism, meaning we should focus more on positive stories rather than stories that focus on crimes, violence, and war.

What is your message to those who will become Peace Ambassadors?

 Cachin : My message is that we be vigilant in our request for world peace and that we should encourage others to help in this advocacy.

What is your promotional message to the world?

 Cachin : I encourage everyone to please support all the endeavors and activities of HWPL, IPYG and IWPG. Be a messenger of peace, be a light of hope and spread world peace to the world, of course. 

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