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WARP Office Began by HWPL WARP Peace Summit on Sep. 2014 in South Korea.

WARP Office Began 
by HWPL WARP Summit 
on Sep. 2014 in South Korea

South Africa hosts Religious Dialogue amidst Terrorist Attack Warning

Dialogue of Scriptures World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office  - Port Elizabeth, South Africa -

Port Elizabeth, South Africa – To go against the terrorist attacks happening globally during the month of Ramadan, a group of religious leaders gathered at the Church of the Latter Day Saints for a peace dialogue.

On June 9th, 2016 Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) hosted the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office event with the purpose to bring harmony and seek common ground among all religions, through understanding creed of each religion.

The movement began as a continuation of the Alliance of Religions agreement signed at the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit on September 2014 in South Korea.

After returning to their home countries, over 700 religious leaders from across the globe who participated in the Summit have been actively carrying out the promise they made at the Summit by voluntarily establishing and hosting the WARP Office event in their communities with HWPL regional branches.

[HWPL WARP] Dialogue of Scriptures
PANEL SPEAKER: Giving a speech
For the community in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, the topic for the month was “Does your scripture record the work God has done on the Earth?” Speakers included kessavan Padayachy (Hindu representative), Nicky van Lavieren (Hare Krishna), Sinethemba Neku (Mormon), Placide Ebongue (Baha’i faith).

Q. How is your experience at the WARP Office thus far?

“I am always amazed when each of the religious leaders gives their talks on how similar the different religions are. I really enjoy it and today was exceptionally good. I believe that the word of God is love and peace, so if we study the scriptures of one another so if we study the scriptures of one another and find love and peace in each other’s scripture, then we would be making a very big contribution to world peace.”-Kessavan Padayachy (Hindu representative)

Q. What are your views on wars that are caused by religious conflicts?

“If we sit and learn together in scripture we will be able to understand each other and have world peace. A lot of wars start because of religion. Understanding each other as religious leaders is the solution to problem.”-Sinethemba Neku (Mormon representative)

“I think media has conditioned the observer. Religious people are not aggressive. Religion is there to develop your spiritual qualities. People use religions for their own benefit. We need to really see our spiritual call because we are all equal, we are all one.”- Nicky van Lavieren (Hare Krishna representative)

Up to date, HWPL has established 166 WARP Offices in 81 countries.

Since 80% of wars in the world are religiously motivated, it is safe to say that this movement is a practical way of achieving peace.

On March 2016, Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL presented the articles of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War which was created by worldly renowned international law experts who signify that peace is possible yet urgent. (Ref to

The Declaration continues to develop as the most widely accepted and cited document to ensure international security and worldwide enjoyment of peace.

Some of the core elements include prohibition of: the threat or use of force; obtaining war potential and freedom of religion.

WARP Office Began by HWPL
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