Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Peaceful without Religion? Your Vote!

Peaceful without Religion? 
Your Vote!

May the world be more peaceful without religion?

1. History which become complicated

Religion and war : 2 people were often intertwined through history.

On a day, from crusade in up to the present 1095, we saw that battle is carried out by name of religion. And while majority believes that battle still may happen without religion and the belief is a good proposer of peace actually, 2 people can not be classified simply for others (A person).

2. Religion : cause or excuse?

Explore some of is moved and is Sseuyeojinseupni about the countries that destroy to a lot of wars, on surroundings of Justin silver world, and how religion is suitable cause of fighting.

3. Holy ideas

To see that sample of quotes connects to the () war and combat in these holy Bibles tabs click sound take.

4. In war 

Fighting of this 5 times is analyzed as that have religious cause.Click Labels to be known more about element that led to this war.

5. I do your vote, please

Do you believe that the world may be more peaceful without religion?
This vote is running justice as BBC's part to test our new on-line vote machine.
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