Thursday, June 30, 2016

Man Hee Lee Quotes, To Achieve World Peace

Man Hee Lee Quotes 
To Achieve World Peace

HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Peace Quotes 

Family members of the global village and distinguished guests who are here with us today, 
what we need to accomplish today is to bring the wars on earth to an end, 
achieve world peace, and leave it as a legacy to future generations.

Neither politicians nor the laws of our world have been able 
to offer compensation to those who lost their lives in this way. 

All current heads of state, those who love their country, 
their people, and peace, should then sign this international law. 

People live by the light, rain, and air provided by heaven. 
Having received this grace of life, they then kill one another 
in wars, instead of loving and protecting each other.

When religions, which have all become corrupt, offer themselves 
to the true God and unite under the Creator, then the conflicts between 
these religions will be resolved, and world peace will be achieved.

There is nothing greater or of greater value in than peace work.
 This work will be a glory remembered forever 
in the history of mankind. 

Peace does not belong to any single individual. 
It belongs to us all. 

Let us unite and become messengers of 
peace—those who actually achieve peace.

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