Wednesday, May 18, 2016

IPYG & PYON, Peace Walk In Kano

Youth Groups Host 
Peace Walk 
In Kano

This event was opened by reciting ‘the declaration of world peace’ 
which is the initial announcement in mankind history; 
HWPL chairman Man Hee Lee who has released it. 
Continually, the youth with smiling face full of hope shouted 
“PEACE!” during the peace walking journey.

Peace Walk Turns Wars into Peace!

On February 27,2016, IPYG & PYON, Peace Walk In Kano
The Peace Walk unrolled with the theme of ‘Urging the International Law’ by IPYG & PYON, with the youth shouting “PEACE! PEACE!!” ceaselessly.

On February 27,2016, peace walk was hosted in Bayero university in Kano, Nigeria by IPYG & PYON. The international organisation, Heavenly culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) has announced the solution of cessation of war with enacting the international law and the peace walking event was hosted to support it. About 100 members of International Peace Youth Group and PYON participated in the event.

The event was opened by reciting ‘the declaration of world peace’ which is the initial announcement in mankind history; HWPL chairman Man Hee Lee who has released it. Continually, the youth with smiling face full of hope shouted “PEACE!” during the peace walking journey.

Here is some of the Declaration of World Peace:

The Heavens and the Earth formed by the hands of the Creator have been given to humanity as an inheritance.

In all the universe, life in its vast splendor exists only on our world.

The life that grows on the earth is sustained from above – by light, by the rain, and by the air they provide unconditionally to all living beings.

We have received the precious gift of life from above, let us give glory to heaven, and live in peace on earth. This is the truest teaching of heaven.

With this eternal gift – the grace and life we have received – are we entitled to fight, kill and destroy one another?

We cannot claim to desire peace and continue to provoke one another, causing conflict for the sake of valuing our own national interests above those of others.

This will only take the lives of the youth, wasting them in the futility of war. This is not a legacy we can leave to future generations.

Of what use is a young life, born in our day and age, if it is thrown away in this manner – thrown away without having had a chance to bloom?

What price can compensate for the loss of a life?

Do these young souls have another chance at life?

Peace Walk News☞

With HWPL and IPYG’s belief that peace has to be achieved for the future generation and the whole youth in the world should participate in peace events. Especially, many meaningful peace events such as peace walking, World Alliance of Religions Peace Office and peace forum are being held in Nigeria, too. IPYG wants that peace is activated more consistently and extensively in all regions.

Meanwhile, IPYG is a youth organization comprised of many affiliated youth groups working for world peace. They have over 600 youth group partner affiliates in 101 countries worldwide, and now are working various peace activities with them. To urge world peace and cessation of war, IPYG’s youth leaders of the world are cooperating with each other and they are hosting peace events.

Peace Walk Turns Wars into Peace

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