Thursday, May 12, 2016

IPYG, Peace Zone

IPYG, Peace Zone

Peace Zone/ Peace Zone where only peace exists.

Peace Zone

Peace Zone, 
Establish peace, 
one by one 

We can establish peace. How? 
By making our own schools, cities and communities into Peace Zones 
to practically secure peace and spread the rules of peace, in just four steps: 

1. Write a draft of the regulations for your school or community codes that convey peace and non-violence principles
2. Publicize and promote the necessity of the regulations through activities including seminars, debates, concerts, etc
3. Initiate peace movements in that region
4. Submit requested draft at the next town hall or community meeting  

Make yourself and your institution an example to the rest of your community by turning peace into a law. We can turn our schools, cities, communities, states, nations and ultimately the world into Peace Zones where only peace exists.

Be safe in peace zone
Let's build Peace Zone for the next generation
Peace Zone, where only peace exists

Just like "Children first, No speeding please" Peace School Zone
Let's say "We sell peace for free" Peace Market Zone
Until the earth becomes a Peace Zone
Just like "Gentlemen Only" Gentlemen of Peace Zone
Let's say "Welcome to Peace Zone" Are you looking for peace?
We sell peace instead of pistol for free" Peace Market Zone
"Welcome to IPYG, our peace store" Are you looking for something?
Make your town a peace zone where peace rules

Do you know the meaning of these signs?

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