Monday, March 21, 2016

Peace 2016 71st, Message From Japan

71st, Peace 2016 
Message From Japan

2016  71st
No war, just peace

That day
I looked up the sky I was supposed to fly.
There was a war.
It hurt many people.
We lost everything, and only a life was left.
Alone in the burnt land.

I thought I would plant a seed.
No war, just peace
-Peace for seventy years and infinity-

New constitution.
The sign of rebirth.
Liberty and Democracy.
They were just little seeds.
And I was holding them tight in my hand.
For myself some day in the future.
Rapid growth.

They worked hard.
And we were delighted with little pieces of wealth.
But war was going on overseas.
We raised the voice of refusal.

Again and again I planted the seeds.
Before we know it, wealth was in our everyday life.
I thought I could choose my own future.


Nothing will change," a friend said.
But somewhere inside I knew that's not true.
And the land trembled. 
March 11th.
There was a girl standing in the ocean of debris.
And I was watching that.

"It doesn't matter."
"It's gonna be alright."
There were seeds in my fist gripped.
The little seeds I had forgotten.
Harmful words flooded the cities.

Will the seeds I planted in the streets sprout someday?
"It doesn't matter."
"It's gonna be alright."
"Nothing will change."

Those words may take someone's life someday
I planted the seeds.
There was gaze without a face, and blame without a name.
I scattered handful of seeds.
The seeds were born form despair.
The despair grew the seeds.

That day, 
I was surely listening to the sound.
The battle starts here again.
The sound of the seeds changing into a life.
Let's think, decide, and take actions solitarily.
That's all we need to do.
I will plant the seeds.

2016  71st
Seventy years have passed since the end of war.

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