Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee

Chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee
HWPL International Law 
for Peace Committee

<HWPL, Cause of War & Needs of World Peace> 

Chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee

The very work that we are pursuing is the work of healing of nations. Once implemented, this Law will be engraved in the hearts of many people to have a peaceful life. 
The Law that cares about human dignity must be drafted, but it must not be done by any forms of power or authority. 
When we speak of democracy, whom does it represent?
Aren't citizens the faces of democracy? 

If leaders are only trying to maintain their power, we face authoritarianism in the name of democracy. 
We, the citizens of this globe, must urge to pursue true democracy. 
People are the owners of democracy. 
Are we allowing the world as it is now to continue existing regardless of human rights being utterly violated and people being mistreated in a non-peaceful environment? 

Regardless of country and generation, the law that solely protects and promises citizens’ good lives must be prioritized at an international level. 
This will be one of the imperative instruments which contributes to world peace.

Source: http://peacelaw.org/

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