Saturday, February 13, 2016

HWPL WARP Office Journal Introduction

HWPL World Alliance 
of Religions' Peace, 
WARP Office 

Introduction of WARP, the World Alliance
 of religions' Peace Office Journal

HWPL WARP Office Jouranal ☞
HWPL's World Alliance of Religions' Peace, WARP Office is a gathering where leaders from various faiths come together to seek the truth through an in-depth discussion on imperative topics comparing the answers found in each religious scripture.

As religious leaders freely carry out discussions and presentations on the basis of their respective scriptures, leaders, congregations, and communities can start to understand the will of the creator recorded in each Scripture and walk towards the truth.

Starting from the very first WARP Office, held on 31 October 2014, In Irvine, United States of American currently there are 107 WARP Offices in 59 countries actively uniting to practice the interfaith peace dialogue. As the current world is at unrest due to warlike activities and conflicts, the HWPL WARP Office provides a glimmer of hope to people wishing for peace.

The WARP Office Journal, which vividly conveys the scene of each dialogue sessions, is produced on a monthly basis to spread the news of peace to religious leaders all over the world. The objective of the WARP Office Journal is to introduce WARP Offices in all parts of the world, to share the answers attained through the religious scriptures comparison session, and to motivate others to participate. Until religions become one and peace is truly fulfilled, religious leaders will take on their roles and actively participate in the HWPL WARP Office meetings.

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