Friday, January 29, 2016

Purpose of Peace Education

The Purpose of Providing 
Peace Education

Purpose of Peace Education

It is yeast that turns flour into bread.
Peace education can change a person like yeas
transforms flour.
After incorporating peace education into curriculums worldwide to highlight the importance of peace, students will understand the practical ways to make peace a reality.

Currently many countries around the world are creating peace parks and erecting peace monuments to commemorate the September 18th WARP Summit, as well as designating HWPL Peace Institutes.

These global reminders enable us to rear children with the mindset necessary for a peaceful world and instilling in them the hope of a world where there is no longer any fear of war.

The 3.6 billion women on earth can now protect their children from losing their lives on battlefields by teaching them about peace.

Youths can also stand and rise to preserve their own precious lives.
If members of IPYG and IWPG truly understand the peaceful solutions to put an end to all wars and achieve world peace, a new era will prevail, a time where everyone is granted the right to live in a world of peace.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee of HWPL & the children's hands with Peace letters

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