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The Reason Why We Need to Have WARP offices

The Reason Why 
We Need to Have 
WARP offices

Peace advocate, ManHee Lee, the chairman of 
Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of 
Light (HWPL) explained the reason why 
we need to have WARP offices

Add the scent of peace to Ottawa, the center of Canada

Religious leaders gathered in Ottawa and discussed religious conflicts based on each scripture

On Oct 24th, World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office was held in Ridgemont High School Library, Ottawa, the capital city of Canada followed by the first WARP Office on Sep 5th. The WARP Office in Ottawa, the city of beautiful and peaceful scenery deepened the scent of spirit of peace in order to achieve world peace through unification of religions.

In the 2nd WARP Office of Ottawa, four prominent religious leaders attended and gave a speech. The leaders are Mr. Mohamed hasimi (Imam of Islam Care Centre), Dr. Jagmohan Humar(President of Jain Society of Ottawa Carleton), Fr. Pedro Arana(Parish Priest of Assumption Church), Saloeurm Savath(Buddhist Monk of Bodhikaram Temple) and Swarn Singh Lall(President of Sikh Community Service Ottawa). The topic of the 2nd was “Reason for Arising of Conflict from Religion.”

The topic of the previous meeting was “Peace based on Scriptures” and the main theme helped religious leaders realize their tasks and roles to achieve world peace. The 2nd WARP Office dealt with deeper issues compared to the first as the religious leaders actually made a platform for better understanding of each religious scripture in order to resolve conflicts caused by tensions among religions.

Swarn Singh Lall (President of Sikh Community Service Ottawa), one of the speakers, said “The conflicts may be intra-religious or inter-religious. Intra- religious conflicts: Different sects in the same religion are basically there because these sects do not comply with the principles of their parent religion. So the followers of these Sects have arguments and fights among themselves.”

 In fact, the meaning of religion indicates the highest teachings from God. Peace advocate, ManHee Lee, the chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) explained the reason why we need to have WARP offices. “Heaven gives us light, rain and air without cost. If religious people who receive such teachings and blessings firmly stick to their scriptures and cause conflicts in the world, they are going wrong way against true meaning of religion. Eighty percent of conflicts of the world are due to religion. If religions become united, there will be far less reasons to break war. The unification of religious texts is a way of unification of religions.”

 At the moment the WARP Offices have opened 103 offices in over 53 countries including Toronto, Canada, seven regions in USA, and Tijuana in Mexico in North America.

The WARP office has begun from the WARP Summit in 2014 where religious leaders gathered and singed on Peace Agreement to work together for unity and harmony. The result of 103 WARP Offices during such a short period of time for past one year startled the world. The chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group, one of the two wings (IWPG and IPYG, International Women’s Peace Group and International Peace Youth Group) of HWPL, made a comment on its extraordinary outcome that. “The greatest result from the WARP Summit is to bring an end to war on earth and to achieve world peace in our generation and leave a legacy of peace to them. Then the future generations will no longer have to suffer from wars but fully enjoy peace. Many have come to a realization for the past year that the WARP Summit is an unprecedented event in history and an absolute solution to achieve world peace.’

 Along with the tireless efforts of peace advocate, ManHeeLee and The performance of WARP Offices serves as a bridge that brings religious leaders all around the world to the one place for peace.

With the strong support from Canadians who wish to work together for world peace, it is highly expected that the 3rd and 4th WARP Offices of Ottawa will be held in November and December in series on a regular basis.

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